Today we went to Maymont.  We went so we could meet my friend Amy’s sister, Penny.  Oh…what a beautiful person!  She is amazing and I can’t wait to hang out with her for the next few days.
Here are Amy, Jackson, Ella and Penny looking at the roosters:
We walked the hill down all the way to the bears and back up again to have a picnic.  After we ate, we let the kids (and Penny) run around a play.  Ella just has a mind of her own and loved to run as far away as she could from our blankets, which made for some great pictures of my little one…
It was great fun.  A day out with some friends. 
In the photo above is Ella (up close) and in the background are Aunt Penny, Jackson, Katie, John, and Amy.
Friends are great…aren’t they?  I love my friends (and Ella loves hers, too).
Here, they are deciding who should sit where…so cute…
Let’s all sit together:
Well…for a second…
(Thanks, Penny for supervising the huge hole in the back of the bench)
Now…after naptime we’re headed to Lewis Ginter for fun with Daddy (who took the day off)!!

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