Okay, I’m loved but I ask again…


So, we’re reading the book above in Sunday School.  We just started – I read the first three chapters during breakfast this morning.

I’m already impressed and it was hard to stop at three chapters.  So why did I?

Well, we’re going to be using the study guide off the website and I don’t want reading further to affect my answers about the first three chapters.  I figure, I’ll answer the questions, then read the next chapter, then answer those questions, then read the next chapter, then answer those…well, you get the idea.

I’ll let you know how it goes as it goes.  This may be the first Sunday School book I make it through in a while.

Okay, back to my original whine…


No One Loves Me

Karen & Grete are away.

No one is reading this.

I’m so unloved.


My Conference Was A Success

Much to my surprise, my conference was a success, but it was not without it’s snags.

At 7:00 a.m. yesterday, I logged into my email account at work and found an email from one of my presenters saying that due to a “prior commitment”, he could not participate and that maybe if we’d given him more notice he would’ve been able to help us out.

He agreed to be part of our day nearly two months ago – he was the first presenter to agree, matter of fact.  AND his email was in response to MY email from a WEEK AGO!  He couldn’t do his stupid reply last week giving me time to replace him.


Anyway – our guest speaker (who created a lot of my stress) was AWESOME!  If you are in charge in anyway of getting motivational guest speakers for events – you need to hire Dr. Adolph Brown, III.  He is well worth the money and headache you may get while preparing for his arrival.

He is a very kind man who (once he realized what trouble I was having fulfilling his requests on a state budget) pulled most of his requests out and told me not to worry about them.

We hired him to speak to a room full of high schoolers from the Richmond City Public Schools.  He sat among them without them knowing who he was & many of them impressed him.  When he got up to speak, it was stunning and their reactions were priceless.

He would be great to speak to adults about believing and leading today’s youth.  He would be great to talk to a room of teens about self respect and success.  He spoke to our teens on that and then tied it into encouraging them to become teachers (the point of our conference).

My planned tour was the biggest fart of the day.  My tour guides were poopy participants and made the tour crap for some of the students.  I know better next year and will use the school’s “ambassadors” even though they are not part of my grant.

The best part of my day – several of the grant’s steering committee, including my boss, congratulated me on pulling off an incredible conference almost single-handed.  I made sure to include my co-worker friend, Trudy, who kept me calm and let me be her boss for a day.  It felt so good to be recognized for my hard (and I mean HARD) work.

Anyway, I did get a little sleep Monday night (see previous post) and last night I slept so well I woke up thinking it was Saturday and that I had slept in (not like our cats would allow that!).

Going to class in a bit – missed Monday while working on my conference.  Missed a test last night because of the conference, but I had called the professor Monday and he’d already told me not to worry about it.


Okay people, I am stressed out!  It is 11:28 p.m. and I’m awake.  And more than awake – my mind is reeling.

I have a conference at work on Tuesday and I feel more unprepared than I have even felt for anything.

I was nearly asleep when it occured to me that I did not know if we had booked the meeting room at JSRCC.  That is a HUGE deal.

I’ve ordered lunch, but for 200 people – realistically, it now looks like we’re going to have 1/2 that.

I haven’t booked the hotel room for our speaker (not totally my fault), I haven’t bought breakfast stuff, I haven’t bought chips or the bottles of water.

I’ve got what needs to go into the folders, but not the folders (though they are ready to be picked up first thing in the morning).

I haven’t done nametags or sign-in sheets, I haven’t assigned sessions, but of course, I haven’t received the RSVPs I need to complete all that.

I haven’t created my powerpoint (which I could do now, but I just want to go back to bed) and I haven’t designed the campus tour.

I’m going to cry.

Please pray that I get (or got) some sleep.

Okay, I’ve moved on from the bears

So, my bridesmaids all have their dresses.

The groom & 3 groomsmen have been fitted for tuxes (leaving three more to get fitted).

My invitations will be ordered tomorrow.

My bridesmaid’s bouquets are selected and a demo is being made.

I’ve nearly found my “hair” gu-ru: read between the lines – the wonderful friend who has done all of my hairstyles for 14 years is going to be away for her anniversary the weekend of my wedding!!!  That meant finding a new stylist who could handle a proper wedding hair style… very difficult to do for a picky thing like me.

My appointment with above said friend is made for May 22 to have my ponytail cut off for Locks-of-Love (http://www.locksoflove.org ).  By that time – it will at least a foot long.  I’m getting it whacked to my chin for my honeymoon.

My photographer is selected, the contract signed, and the first half paid. http://www.odriscollphotography.com

My caterer is on board, but has left town to help her daughter-in-law prepare for their new baby.  We’ll talk nitty-gritty when she returns.  No stress there at all!

Guests have all received their “Save The Date” magnet made by me.

We’re registered and have already received one gift today!!  I really wanted one of those beautiful frames with the large mat and an opening for an 8X10 photo to use as my guest book instead of the traditional “book” guest book.  Today, my friend, Trudy, and I were out hitting the floral sale at Michaels when we found the perfect one.  She bought it on the spot and gave it to me.  She’s great!!

Hmm…that’s what’s up in my life…what’s going on in yours?