Easter Bunny

So I went to see the Easter Bunny today.  Yep, you read that right…I went to see the Easter Bunny.
I thought I was taking Ella to see the Easter Bunny, but that isn’t quite how it worked out.
Ella and I got to Short Pump Town Center about 30 minutes earlier than planned and and hour before the bunny started posing for pictures.  We went to SPTC last week to see the bunny and to wave (which Ella couldn’t get enough of and even yelled, “Bunny!” over and over).  This morning, I got some coffee and some breakfast and we strolled around a bit.  Then we played in the play area for about 20 minutes before the Bunny was scheduled to arrive.  We talked about the bunny.  We pointed to his chair.  We did the sign for Bunny (Ella’s only has one ear…).  AND when that Bunny arrived we excitedly waved and yelled (while signing), “Bunny!  Bunny!  Bunny!”
Then it was our turn to sit on the Bunny’s lap.  Nope – not happening.
Now, this resistance was not nearly as funny as the Santa meltdown, but it was major resistance.  She was clinging to me for dear life and no longer remembered how to speak only making small whining noises. There was NO WAY she was going to sit on that Bunny’s lap.  So I decided to join her.  Of course, even with me holding her if she could SEE the Bunny it was a no-go.
So here is our picture:
I am barely sitting on the bunny’s knee (really just squatting) so that Ella is far enough forward that she CAN’T SEE THE BUNNY AT ALL.  She didn’t realize he was there.  So she even smiled at the lady taking the picture.
After the Santa picture (so bad of me)…I made sure I’d gotten a shower this morning and wore a spring color shirt…just in case I had to be in Ella’s Easter Bunny picture.
Just a couple more days until our Annual Egg Hunt at the church.  Hope you’re coming:
United Christian Church
2101 Fordson Road
Henrico, VA 23229
10:00 a.m. April 3

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