And My Birthday Keeps On Going…

Okay, So This Might Qualify As My Favorite Gift Not From My Husband

Seriously, I just got one of the best gifts ever – from my little brother & my new younger sister.

One – two coffee cups with saucers from Starbucks (purple with hearts)

Starbucks Birthday Warren Rach

Two – Wooden Cross with a beautiful quote about “Sister”

Three – a cute hot pink leather gift card holder with a Starbucks giftcard!

Four – a cute hot pink leather keychain that opens up to reveal two photos – one of me and Jeff from their wedding and one with me, Warren & Rachel from the wedding.

I was so excited opening this gift piece by piece – the cups and saucers were each wrapped separately.

I have the BEST family!

Warren and Rachel close up

Thank you, Warren & Rachel!!

I’m officially feeling older…

So, A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…

I was in my freshman-level math course (yes, freshman level – that is its own story) taking a “team” quiz.  I hate team quizzes.  Just let me take the stupid quiz and leave.  No, a team quiz is where you have a partner and regardless, you aren’t supposed to turn in your quiz until the time limit is up – even if you finish 20 minutes early.

Anyway, so I’m paired up with a girl named Shea.  She’s cute.  We talked to the TA, Matt, before the quiz started so I knew that she was from upstate New York, but had been in the Richmond area since elementary school.  So, we take our quiz.  As we start our quiz she says how much she hates team quizzes – right on!  We agree.  So we both do the work and just check our work against each other – that’s the same thing, right?

We finish early and so we’re sitting there talking quietly.  She heard that I was graduating this summer and wanted to know what my degree would be in.  When I said math she inquired as to why I, a senior, am in a freshman math class.  After that story she asked if I had been at VCU the whole time.  No, I went to Sarge (a community college) for 8 years prior – yes, it took me 8 years to get a 2-year degree.

Then she asks, “How old are you?”  I tell her that I’m 29.  “Wow!”  She says, “You don’t look 29.”  I tell her I have good genes and that I am thankful for them.  Then she says, “People don’t think that I’m as old as I am either.”  So I say, “Well, how old are you?”

Here it is, folks…the kicker…

“I’m 19”. 

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  I’m a full TEN YEARS older than my math quiz partner!

Now, if you know me you know that I am not freaked out by aging, getting older, being a year from 30, etc, etc, etc…but in this one moment the panic of aging set in – just for a moment.  Then, it became hysterical.

I am TEN YEARS older than my quiz partner – man, I’m getting old.

29 is Feeling GOOD!

Well, My Birthday was WONDERFUL!!!

We left on Friday afternoon and went to Jay & Mo’s to meet up with them.  After dropping Ronnie off at the Richmond Airport, we hit the road – one car for Jay & Jeff and one car for Mo & me.  We had dinner in Newport News at Don Pablo’s – one of Melissa’s favorite restaurants which has quickly climbed to the top of my list.  If you know me – you know I love my mexican food!

We got to my Granny & Aunt Evie’s around 8:30, settled in, and played cards with them.  We played Shang-Hi Rummy until about 12:30 or so.  The four of us were beat!  Apparently, Granny & Aunt Evie stayed up even later.

Saturday started with a hearty breakfast of french toast, cinnamon rolls, sausage, and bacon!  Yum!  Carla came over to give my my birthday present since it was for me to use on Saturday – two tickets to the Virginia Living Museum!  After we’d all gotten ready to go, we headed over to the museum and had a great time!  I’ll have a few pictures eventually, but I forgot our digital camera, so I have to get them developed and put onto c.d.  Ugh!  They had the coolest thing – a turtle shell (with legs) that you could crawl into and become a turtle.  Well, you know I was all up in that!  It was a tight fit, but so cool.  The outdoor nature loop, complete with animals, was freezing, but we did it anyway and really enjoyed all the animals – including two ducks “walking on the water” a la Jesus.  (yes, we know they were on ice!)

After the museum, we went over to the Peninsula SPCA to see the big cats and petting zoo.  Most of the big cats were in their houses – again, it was cold – but we saw the bob cats, one of the leopards, and plenty of sheep, goats, and chickens to play with.  I even petted a llama!  It was fun & for a good cause – there is a small fee that goes to support the SPCA.  After a short trip into the cat room (the lady said they’d gotten kittens and Jeff decided it was time to go), we headed to lunch at Fazoli’s.  Now, let me clarify.  I told the lady we had four cats at home and we would not be taking anyone home with us today.  Jeff, upon hearing the word “kittens” said, “We gotta get out of here.”  He’s a sucker for babies!!

After lunch it was back to Granny & Aunt Evie’s for naps, reading, watching t.v., and for me – looking through old photo albums.  They never get old to look at.  Mo joined me after a bit and had fun seeing mom & Carla as kids as well as all my goofy Halloween costumes as a kid.  It was good fun.  Then, it was time to play some cards again.  Mo, Granny, Carla sat down to play.  At about 4:00, the doorbell rang.  Carla said she’d get it since it was probably Mike.  NOPE!  It was My MOM and DAD!  They’d come to surprise me for dinner!  After a heaping helping of Aunt Evie’s Chicken ‘n’ Dumplins, we moved onto birthday cards, songs, and cake for me and daddy.

Mom, Dad, Jay & Melissa all left after dinner (boo hoo) and Jeff and I settled in for a quiet evening.  Acutally, he watched t.v. with my cousin, Hailey, and I sat in the kitchen and talked to Granny and Carla.  After Carla and Hay went home, Jeff, Granny, Evie, and me sat around the table and played three more rounds of Shang-Hi Rummy.  It was good fun.

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church.  We attended the early service with Granny & Aunt Evie at Northside Christian Church.  It was really nice with a nice surprise.  An old family friend was there to do special music!  It was wonderful to hear him sing again!  After church we headed home to recoup and prepare for yet another busy week.

*Monday brought me flowers from the Amos’ and cookies from Ginny!  My birthday just keeps going…

This friday wraps up my birthday/Valentines with a trip to see Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus!!!  Jeff got me AWESOME seats.  You can be sure you’ll be seeing pictures from that!!!

Thanks for all of my birthday wishes!  It was a great weekend!

They say it’s my birthday…

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

I can’t believe I’m one year away from


Happy Birthday to me!!!

It’s my birthday so I can post whatever I want, right?

Hope all is well with everyone who actually reads this thing (like Gilley).

For those of you younger – there is nothing wrong with 29.  I’m going to have a great weekend away at my grandmothers with Jeff and a couple of friends.  We’re going to the Virginia Living Museum ( and the Peninsula SPCA(, which happens to have a small zoo and petting farm.  My granddad took Warren and I to this SPCA when we were little to see the big cats and pet the farm animals.  It was one of my favorite places in the world.  Right before Warren’s wedding, I figured out where in Newport News it is so I’m dragging my hubby and friends there with me.

Look out 30, here I come!!!