33 Weeks! Too close! Too close!

So I am at the end of my 33rd week today.  (Skip down if you want the doctor update before the house update)  That means there are only seven weeks left until my due date.  Sorry that I haven’t updated recently.  Last week we were so busy getting ready for the weekend and the big office move.  Jay & Melissa were wonderful and came over Saturday morning to (Mo) help me pack the office and (Jay) help Jeff install a ceiling fan in the den & then move all of the office furniture down there.  We got 90% of it done.  Jeff’s desk & some of his music stuff still remain in the soon-to-be nursery.  Once we got the bookshelves down in the den we discovered that I took our measurements for furniture placement before we drywalled meaning that one of our bookshelves needs to go where our baseboard heater ends.  So now, before we can put everything back onto the book shelves, Jeff gets to play with the wiring & move one of baseboard heaters a foot down the wall.

After that, we’ll actually start working on the nursery.  All we have to do in there is paint the ceiling, paint the walls, sand the floor, & poly the floor.  AND Jeff is customizing Ella’s closet (not nearly as cool as mine) with shelves at the bottom that will be used for storage and changing it from one bar for clothes to two!  We got some cool storage stuff at IKEA including some white tubs on wheels that will go in the bottom of the closet for toys and such.  Then, the closet will be getting new bi-fold doors (so pretty!).

After all of that, we’ll actually put furniture in the room.  Our crib came in at Babies R Us last night (we got the Carter’s Casual: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3012851 after losing access to the original crib I wanted by Jardine: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2440137)  Then I found out that Jardine was originally under another name, but they had so much bad press over their baby stuff getting recalled that they had to CHANGE THEIR NAME!  Unreal!  I’m a little glad that we ended up getting a crib from a highly reputable and well-known company.  My Jardine crib itself did not get recalled, but three others did, so they’ve made them all “temporarily unavailable” and are not setting a date to rerelease any of them.

My dad-in-law is fixing up an old changing table that will be painted white.  I need to be sure he starts on that as soon as he’s feeling better (work injury) so that I have a changing table when she comes!  And we have an old piece of furniture that was Jeff Crenshaw’s, John Crenshaw’s, and then Warren’s that we are going to sand and repaint white.  It is going to be an excellent piece of furniture for Ella’s room with a bookshelf on top, three lower shelves, and three big drawers.

I also am in the hunt for an old fashioned rocker.  Mom and I spent three hours hitting goodwills, consignment shops, and furniture stores looking for one on the cheap.  We found two at the Unfinished Furniture Store, but they were each over $100 and I’m just too cheap for that.  She is going to mention to my grandmother that I drug her all over town looking and see if Granny offers to let me borrow one of hers.  Now that would be nice.

I’m feeling great, though since Ella is getting better and I’m no longer making amniotic fluid, space & cushioning inside are at a premium and almost nonexistent.  Everytime she gets to really trucking around in there now it HURTS (not really painful, but sometimes really uncomfortable).  I think I freaked out a ton of people driving down Jackson St (where I work) one morning this week.  I was walking the block & a half to my building from my parking deck when she really got to beating my internal organs to a pulp.  I stopped walking a second and put my hands on my stomach (which ususally calms her down a little).  I didn’t think about what that looked like to passerbys until a car slammed on brakes looking at me.  Oops!  They must have thought I was going into labor.  I quickly waved and continued walking to my building, laughing to myself.  Too funny!  She does love to move her feet over the ridge right at my cervix – this HURTS – I mean it is actually a little painful.  I think it feels like a foot rub to her and she just doesn’t realize that she’s causing me to make funny faces in meetings.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday.  Ella is progressing well and I am gaining exactly the weight that she wants me to gain.  Of course, I hate getting on the scales because I do not enjoy the numbers that pop up.  I’ll just say that I’m edging closer to matching my hubby’s weight (very close to tying him).  We did talk about the possibility of a c-section.  Everytime I’m in, Ella is head up.  She still has time to turn before she runs out of space to do so, so there hasn’t been a determination yet.  If she’s breach, I’m guaranteed a c-section.  They can actually make that decision when I come in in labor, too – I just won’t go through the pushing phase.  I did share with my doctor the fact that I’d like to avoid an emergency c-section and that is she has any reason to believe that Ella will get stuck trying to have her normally, to just schedule the c-section to we’re all relaxed and no one is in a panic mode.

I also joked about having a Halloween baby (which we’d love).  Seeing as that is two WEEKS before my due date, I was pretty sure she’d say no way.  Instead, she said not to count it out.  If Ella is getting too big, my body will just kick her out.  Since she was in the 75th percentile a month ago, it is very possible I’ll deliver early.  Of course, it really is all a guessing game.  I just wanted to be clear that I’m not opposed to a c-section if that is what my doctor feels is my best option.  I’m also not trying to steal Paige Coppedge’s thunder (she’s a Halloween baby); seeing as they are 4 years apart, I don’t think they’ll be competing for attenders of parties.  Well…maybe Charlotte Rich, but that would be the only one I think.

As for the happenings in my body…Ella has fingernails, no furry covering anymore, and her skin is no longer clear.  She’s getting fatter by the day (hopefully not too big, though) which is where a lot of my weight gain will be coming from.  We are in the “safe” zone so far as early delivery.  If she comes any time now, she has an excellent chance of survival.  For those who like the update, she is the size of a pineapple or large medicine ball (the heavy kind).  I really do look like I have a basketball shoved up my shirt now.  Actually, I’m a little bigger than a basketball.  I will take a 33 week picture, but won’t get it posted until I hook my computer back up.

31 Weeks Down!!

So, right now on Sept 15, 2008 at 10:50 a.m., Ella is moving around in my uterus like she is trying to get out!  It is a little uncomfortable right now.  Not only is she making we need to pee (again), but she is making everything else in my body shift.  It is crazy!

Well…I started this 30 minutes ago, but I am at work so I have to post a couple sentences at a time.  She’s settled down (after a potty break – my bladder must have been crowding her) and should be dozing off.  Nothing interesting on Baby Center this week.  Info about Braxton-Hicks Contractions (none yet) and how to get sleep when baby is moving at night.  I’ve been really lucky in that she moves when I lay down to go to sleep and she moves when I wake up, but I’ve never been woken up or kept awake by her.  I’m hoping that means that she sleeps through the night with me.
The only time she moves during the night is if I change positions (like moving from my left side to my right side), but since I’m turning her over, too, I figure she’s just readjusting to get comfortable.  All in all, this pregnancy thing has been no big deal.  Even the things I complain about most just aren’t that bad.
Oh – comparison time.  According to BabyCenter, as of Thursday, Ella is the size of a soccer ball.  Just look at this photo, taken Friday morning:

31 week belly

Speaking of complaining about things – I am always hot!  Yesterday, I sweat through a t-shirt within 10 minutes of putting it on.  It was awful and I wanted to cry.  I mean, I had on deoderant and still sweat so that my shirt was wet.  I was at home, in front of a fan, getting ready to leave.  I am thankful that I am not in my last month during this month because I think I’d never move.  I’d lay in bed where the window unit is right there at me.  My dear mother (Warren was born Aug 5) and mother-in-law (Jerry was born Aug 25) and all other women who have babies in August and September – you are strong women and I admire you.  Your children should shower you with expensive gifts every Mother’s Day.

Now, for a totally cool photo that I’m hoping Jeff and I may be able to duplicate in the next 8 weeks:


Yes, folks, I said EIGHT WEEKS!  I’m due in less than two months = less than 9 weeks.  I find out in a few weeks if a c-section will be recommended.  Afterall, they are thinking she is going to be big.  Now, before some of you jump down my throat about c-sections not being good.  I understand and completely comprehend that vaginal birth is the #1 way to have a baby.  I am also a realist that knows that I’m pretty small in all areas of my body and I’d rather schedule a c-section than try to deliver normally and have the baby get stuck – which totally stresses out the baby and has led to sprained and BROKEN pelvises – and end up in an EMERGENCY c-section that is far more dangerous than a scheduled.  So, if my well trained, medical doctor of an OB/GYN says “c-section”, then that is the route I will take.  So please do not lecture me; I know pretty much all you’re going to say…and that is all I’m going to say about that.

And now it is almost 1:00 and I’m finally hitting “post”.  Thanks for checking out Ella’s Blog!

Photos coming soon!

Okay, so the weekend was insanely busy and the week hasn’t been much better.  All my free time at home has been tied up in writing “Thank You” cards.  I had about 75 to do when I started and I’m down to less than 50 to go.  I also took time to unload all my gift bags from Sunday so that I could get a feel for everything we’d gotten.  And, Jeff was hanging with the boys on Sunday so he didn’t get to see all of our goodies!  We seriously got the cutest stuff ever!!!  Thank you to Charlotte Rich for Ella’s VT Cheering Uniform.
Oh yes, for those not in church @ UCC on Sunday or not at the shower, we have officially released our baby’s name: Ella Louise Cronin.

So, beach pictures and shower pictures will go on MyPhotoAlbum tonight if all goes as planned.  They will include pics of me from Sunday which will count as my 30 week belly shots.  I’ll add one of those to this site for quick viewing.

To hold you over…here are two pictures of all the stuff we’ve gotten so far (minus two handmade blankets that I left in the office where they are being stored).  I took them with my cell to send to mom, so they aren’t great quality.  Not in the picture is a stack of clothes that are 24 months.  The pink bag on top of some of the blankets is full of clothes size 18 months.  There just wasn’t enough room.
In photo 1, the clothes stacked on top of the (still packed up) pack-n-play are size Newborn.  The clothes on the bed (in both photos) are arranged in stacks by size: 0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months (second row, second photo), and 12 months (3rd row, 2nd picture).
Against the wall in photo 1 is the papason chair the Amos’ gave us from Alastair and hanging on it is the Jonny Jump-Up from Alastair.
No longer visible under the stuff on the bed against the wall is our changing table pad – but it is there.

Photo 1:
Church Shower Gifts Part 1

Photo 2:
Church Shower Gifts Part 2

Thank you cards are being sent out daily!

30 Weeks Down – 10 To Go (SCARY!)

First – an apology.  I realize that I have not done a belly shot in a couple of weeks.  I’m sorry – it has just been so busy.  I meant to get a 29 week shot at the beach last weekend, but I think the only picture we took with me in it, I’m looking at the camera between mom & dad.  I promise to have a 30 week shot taken.

This week has been crazy.  We got back from the beach on Monday, around 1:00, and I started laundry.  Jeff was supposed to be going out with his brothers, but that changed to a family cookout instead.  So while I switched load 1 to the dryer and started load 2 in the washer, Jeff ran to get Gelati Celesti ice cream and ice for the cookout.  We got to his parents around 3:30-ish, I think.  By 6:30, I was nearly dozing off in conversation.  Yes, my friends, the total exhaustion has returned.  I want to take a nap by 9:00 in the morning.  Needless to say, I’m really ready to crash right now.  I will be heading home from work soon to nap and do some housework before having to speak to a class at 5:30 this evening (at the Parham Road Campus, thankfully).

My indigestion is still as bad as it was.  I hate eating sometimes because I just feel crappy afterwards.

On a high note – my shower is this weekend!  Warren & Rachel will be in town for a wedding (hence why this weekend was selected for the shower) so they will get to see me live in belly for the first time.  I think Warren is more excited than any male I know.  Jeff lives with my growing belly and daddy sees it at least once a week, so it is not a big deal to them.  Melissa has put a lot into planning and I’m excited to see my Cinderella stuff out and on display.
Another high note – my boss finally figured out that I’m leaving for good when the baby comes.  That means putting my position up and setting a final date.  Oct 30 marks the end of a pay period, so that may end up being my last day.  That wouldn’t be too bad since (if the baby is on time) it would give me a couple weeks to be sure the house is ready.  I start training another of the part-timers here next week in case something happens and I have to go out before there is a replacement me.  I will also have one or two work-study students starting in a week or two.  That means, I’ll be training them to do what I do also.  My goal is to have this office able to run without me before September ends.  On Oct 2 I will be 34 weeks and after that, she really could come anytime.  Remember, I’ve known two people just this summer to have their babies at 35 weeks.

So that is all for now…I think…I will post a picture tomorrow or Friday of me at 30 weeks and I’ll update on Sunday or Monday concerning the shower.  I’m really, really excited about it!!

Here’s the usual Baby Center Info & pictures:

How your baby’s growing:

Your baby’s about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds [last Tuesday they estimated her to already be 3 lbs, 3 oz] (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but that volume will decrease as she gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. Her eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after she’s born, she’ll keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When she does open them, she’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means she can only make out objects a few inches from her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.)

 30 weeks 30-green-cabbage