5 Days, People!

5 Days!!!

5 Days to Wedded Bliss

5 Days to our biggest party yet

5 Days until I marry my dream man.

5 Days, People!

5 Days To Go!!!!!

Now We’re Really Getting Close!!!

Today is May 8, 2006

I have 12 days until my wedding.

I have 15 days until my honeymoon.

I bought my unity candle today.

Our rings are ready to be picked up.

Bridesmaid’s bouquets are still not wrapped.

Nail appointment is set.

Trial run of hair was GREAT!

Favors for wedding are decided upon and will be done before the wedding day.

Program is finalized, but will still need to be printed and put together – it’s a little booklet – kind of cool.

The day is quickly approaching.

Exam tomorrow night. Exam due Wednesday night.

Pray! Pray! Pray!

We’re getting EXCITED!!!!!!