Another "Today"

So, I was directed to Communal Global through a comment on Kelle Hampton’s blog.  It was about a contest for a picture of TODAY.  I posted the picture from yesterday’s post of Jackson on the bench and Ella debating if she was going to join him or not..
Now, I’m looking for “that” moment of each day.  Today, there were too many to count.  Do you realize that when you’re looking for that magical moment, you get many of them?  I didn’t.  So I’m going to share more pictures than I usually do because I really loved my day today.
I was up early because today was the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at my church, United Christian Church.  My mom heads up this insane day every year – always trying to have more plastic eggs than any previous year.  This year, some of our cartons went missing so we had less than 5000 eggs in three hunts.  Of course, less than 5000 means we had MORE than 4000 eggs.  There were over 1000 eggs in the Infant/Toddler hunt.
I was even more excited because this year, Ella was big enough to gather eggs in her basket. 
Oh, such a joy…my child…
She never ceases to amaze me in what she can do.  She is beautiful and funny and full of energy.  A friend interviewed Jeff and I as a game used at our baby shower.  One question we were asked was what trait of our spouse did we want our child to have.  Jeff said he wanted Ella to have my confidence.  And she does so far.  It is so much fun to watch.  And while she didn’t say she would do it herself, that is just what she meant by taking the full basket from her daddy:
It was cool.  And thanks to Josh Foshay…we got a picture with all three of us!  So rare!

The photo display was set up by my mom-in-law and all of it was provided by her employer (James) at Buckingham Greenery.  It has been a hit this year and last.  Thanks, Mom S.
Then, tonight after naptime, playtime, and dinner Jeff suggested that we go to my favorite Ice Cream spot in the world – Gelati Celesti!!!  Ella didn’t get her own ice cream, but she had bites of Jeff’s banana and my chocolate and she seemed to be in heaven…

Jeff wasn’t aware he was in the background…oops…
We came home and it was so nice, we let our little hippie girl hang outside for a while.  She decided that she and her daddy needed to sit in their new “spots”:

according to Ella, they must each have their own side…and I was not allowed to sit because I would throw off the balance.  I love this kid!
So, that was our TODAY.  It was long…it was crazy…but it was ours.
Tomorrow is Easter…the most important remembrance in the life of a Christian.  I am so excited about church tomorrow.  I hope you know Jesus…He has made all the difference in my life.
I sing because I’m happy…I sing because I’m free
For His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

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