And My Birthday Keeps On Going…

Okay, So This Might Qualify As My Favorite Gift Not From My Husband

Seriously, I just got one of the best gifts ever – from my little brother & my new younger sister.

One – two coffee cups with saucers from Starbucks (purple with hearts)

Starbucks Birthday Warren Rach

Two – Wooden Cross with a beautiful quote about “Sister”

Three – a cute hot pink leather gift card holder with a Starbucks giftcard!

Four – a cute hot pink leather keychain that opens up to reveal two photos – one of me and Jeff from their wedding and one with me, Warren & Rachel from the wedding.

I was so excited opening this gift piece by piece – the cups and saucers were each wrapped separately.

I have the BEST family!

Warren and Rachel close up

Thank you, Warren & Rachel!!

One thought on “And My Birthday Keeps On Going…

  1. Oh sister, what a kind soul you are. Glad you liked the gift. Rachel was going to return it like 460 times, but I told her you like things like that.Miss you bunches.Does your eProps say “Give WaHoos?” Yes! Thank you. Go Cavaliers!

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