They say it’s my birthday…

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

I can’t believe I’m one year away from


Happy Birthday to me!!!

It’s my birthday so I can post whatever I want, right?

Hope all is well with everyone who actually reads this thing (like Gilley).

For those of you younger – there is nothing wrong with 29.  I’m going to have a great weekend away at my grandmothers with Jeff and a couple of friends.  We’re going to the Virginia Living Museum ( and the Peninsula SPCA(, which happens to have a small zoo and petting farm.  My granddad took Warren and I to this SPCA when we were little to see the big cats and pet the farm animals.  It was one of my favorite places in the world.  Right before Warren’s wedding, I figured out where in Newport News it is so I’m dragging my hubby and friends there with me.

Look out 30, here I come!!!

5 thoughts on “They say it’s my birthday…

  1. Hey, Happy BIRTHDAY. I called you and I read this…like once every few weeks.will you be cancelling xanga for myspace or keeping both.

  2. Keeping both. I have the xanga link on my MySpace page.
    I like this for my blogging.  It is already set up and I know how it works.  Are you on MySpace yet?  You’d be my #1 friend!  I’ve got all of my “family” as my top friends – Rachel, Jerry, Kristen, & Gabe are 1-4 right now.
    I’m going to your xanga in a minute.

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