I’m officially feeling older…

So, A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…

I was in my freshman-level math course (yes, freshman level – that is its own story) taking a “team” quiz.  I hate team quizzes.  Just let me take the stupid quiz and leave.  No, a team quiz is where you have a partner and regardless, you aren’t supposed to turn in your quiz until the time limit is up – even if you finish 20 minutes early.

Anyway, so I’m paired up with a girl named Shea.  She’s cute.  We talked to the TA, Matt, before the quiz started so I knew that she was from upstate New York, but had been in the Richmond area since elementary school.  So, we take our quiz.  As we start our quiz she says how much she hates team quizzes – right on!  We agree.  So we both do the work and just check our work against each other – that’s the same thing, right?

We finish early and so we’re sitting there talking quietly.  She heard that I was graduating this summer and wanted to know what my degree would be in.  When I said math she inquired as to why I, a senior, am in a freshman math class.  After that story she asked if I had been at VCU the whole time.  No, I went to Sarge (a community college) for 8 years prior – yes, it took me 8 years to get a 2-year degree.

Then she asks, “How old are you?”  I tell her that I’m 29.  “Wow!”  She says, “You don’t look 29.”  I tell her I have good genes and that I am thankful for them.  Then she says, “People don’t think that I’m as old as I am either.”  So I say, “Well, how old are you?”

Here it is, folks…the kicker…

“I’m 19”. 

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  I’m a full TEN YEARS older than my math quiz partner!

Now, if you know me you know that I am not freaked out by aging, getting older, being a year from 30, etc, etc, etc…but in this one moment the panic of aging set in – just for a moment.  Then, it became hysterical.

I am TEN YEARS older than my quiz partner – man, I’m getting old.

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