Mom of the year…I swear

So, I ran into the mother of the year this morning…seriously!
I can’t stand the way young children act in public any longer – it makes me afraid to have my own kids.  If I discipline them or hold them to a standard of behavior, will someone turn me in to CPS?
Anyway, I stopped at Starbucks for a small coffee fix.  My boss is home from a week + in Greece, so I knew I’d need it.
Here is the story about a mom I actually stopped and said “thank you” to because she took responsibility as a mother and an opportunity to teach her child about behavior in public!
She was in line with her son, about 3 or 4 years old, this morning.  They were directly in front of me.  She helped him look in the case to pick something to be eaten at “snack time” later in the day.  She ordered a tangerine(?) frappachino and asked for an additional small cup because it was going to be split between this young one and another child who he was going to play with.  The employee offered to have it split between two smaller cups for her.  The mom ordered it without the whipped cream.
There was a small version of the Velveteen Rabbit sitting by the register that the child picked up and began to walk away with.  The mother said his name and then directed him to return it to its spot since they were not purchasing it.  She then pointed to the Ella Fitzgerald c.d. also sitting there and said, “That’s Ella.  Remember when we were talking about Ella?  You liked her voice.  Now you can see what she looks like.  That is her c.d.”
The child then selected the pumpkin cookies for he and his friend.  Right as the mom went to order them, he grabbed her arm and jerked it down.  She quickly and quietly told the employee the order of the two cookies, then looked at him and said, “That is not appropriate behavior.  If you would like these treats, you need to behave properly.  Now, go sit in that chair over there.”  He said, “I’m so excited about those cookies!”  She said, “I know, but you know how to act properly, now go sit down and wait for me to finish.”  He looked at her, as if to think about how serious she was, then turned and went to the chair.
As the mom finished paying he said, “Mom?  May I get up now?”  She said, “No.  You may sit nicely while I get our things.  Then, if you have showed me that you know how to act when we’re in a store, you will have your cookie at snack time.”
At that moment, both their drinks and mine were ready, so as she loaded the drink tray and I grabbed my mocha I said, “Thank you.  You’ve made my day.”
As I walked out, she was going over to the table.  She thanked him for sitting nicely and let him get up to walk to the car.
I left with a big ol’ smile on my face.  It was nice to see someone talk so directly –yet NOT harshly – to their child while correcting their improper behavior in public.  It’s nice to see that parents can still discipline their child in public without yelling and screaming.  It was nice that she didn’t just let the kid walk away with a $10 book to read it and put it back without paying for

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  1. Yeah…it’s very much the same. It’s a good album too, it’s just that it all sounds the same…I’m looking forward to seeing Warren tie the knot. I need to practice my song some more!

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