So, My Little Warren is a Husband…

What a strange thought for me.  He’ll wake up each morning and have Rachel there beside him.  They’ll have to decide if they’ll brush their teeth together or one at a time (easy decision if you have two bathroom sinks).  He’ll have to ask permission to do things that, before, he just did.  Like running to the store for milk.  Granted, he won’t need permission to do so, but he’ll have to say, “Hey Rach, I’m running to the store.”  Meals won’t be eaten alone as often.  Saturday mornings will become easier – they’ll get to start off in the same location.  Weird.  The kid who was a ladies man in his own mind – is Rachel’s man.  I like it.  Being married to Jeff has been so much fun.  We had dated for a L-O-N-G time before getting hitched and even though we knew each other well, there are things that come out when you are living with someone that you just don’t see when you’re dating.  Jeff and I had even taken vacations together throughout our relationship – there are still “surprises” when you live with someone every day.

I’ve actually been highly emotional over the whole thing.  It started while Heritage (a singing group from Warren’s Milligan days) sang.  They were outstanding and suddenly the whole thing hit me!  Those of you at the wedding got to watch me weep through Rachel coming down the aisle and the father’s prayers.  Mom waved a tissue at me to see if I needed it.  I did, but how on earth was she going to get it to me.  I was up on a step – there was no way to sneak it to me.  Now, I had enough cleavage in my dress to have crammed a few down there, but did I think of that?  NO!  Stupid.  I was emotional watching them dance their first dance and watching he and mom kick off their dance, the Electric Slide.

Well, it’s been three weeks of emotional roller coaster, too.  First, my grandmother went into the hospital on Tuesday, Sept. 26.  It was scary.  She’d been in shock – one of the worst things medically.  Had she been six hours longer before getting to the hospital, the doctor wasn’t sure she would’ve lived.  Then, that Wednesday night after my mother and I visited, she had a pulmonary adema – a blot clot in her lung – that sent her into shock again.  They nearly lost her early Thursday morning.  That Sunday, Jeff and I went to visit her in the hospital.

Later that day my friend’s grandmother had an aneurysm burst in her brain while driving, became discoherent, and went into a large intersection here in Richmond.  She was hit and sustained very serious injuries.  We received news on Monday that she had passed away.  It’s been less than two years since my grandpa died and almost three years since Jeff lost his grandfather.  Those wounds are still raw and often bring tears, so we were very concerned about our friend, but have tried to give her space and let her know that we’re here if she needs us.

While at Warren’s wedding, my parent’s received word that people whom Warren and I were very close to some years ago had been in a serious car accident.  They kept that news from us (Warren will be told when he returns from his honeymoon) so that it would not overshadow the weekend.  One of those people was killed, one had a pelvis broken, and one (Warren’s age) remains in a coma.

I called Warren’s cell yesterday morning just to leave him a message for when he gets back.  I couldn’t make it through it without crying.  I’m so proud of that kid.  He’s out in Hollywood and enjoying it.  His friends from CA at the wedding were great.  I really enjoyed seeing Warren dance with one of those guys!  Anyone who knows my brother knows that he’s got soul coming out of him from somewhere.  *He even stepped with the step team when he was in high school.*

The come “home” overnight tonight.  They land in CA around 2 a.m.  I can’t wait to hear all about their trip!  I can’t wait to see pictures!  I can’t wait until they come in December and stay a couple of nights with Jeff & me.  It is going to be SO MUCH FUN to be able to hang out as the four of us.  I just keep thinking that is so cool that our kids will only know us with our spouses.  They’ll hear stories of me prior to Jeff and of Warren prior to Rachel, but they’ll only be stories.

Check out my photo website (there is a link on the left) for some pictures from the wedding weekend.  Sorry, none of the wedding or reception.  There are some of Rachel in her gown including some funny video footage of her when getting ready.

I almost forgot!  I must mention that I finally met Aaron Gilley (see link to left for Gilley920)!!!  Warren introduced him to Jeff as the man I’m having an online affair with!  Ahh!  I love reading Aaron’s blogs & it was great to meet him in person!  He’s such a cutie-pahtootie!  He also sings BEAUTIFULLY! 


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