Okay, I suck at updating

Way Too Much Going On

1. Losing My Job (for a day) – Tuesday, Aug 22

So, one of my co-workers took it upon herself to report to the VICE PRESIDENT of JSRCC that back in April, I said the “n” word in a conversation.  I did not call anyone this word, but I used it in a quote.  Hmph…  Not true.  I remember the conversation word for word.  I did use the quote this person accused me of, but I left the one curse word in the quote OUT and it was the “B” word, not the “n” word.

Anyway, since I am a “wage” employee I have NO RIGHTS to a “fair trial”.  Instead, the VP and Human Resources informed my boss (who loves me) that she had to “let me go”.   Needless to say, my boss had to tell me about the situation on Tuesday morning when I came in then send me home.

I was a WRECK (understatement of the year) and called both my daddy and my momma to cry about it.  I waited to tell my husband (who was hard at work) until I had a little more insight into what was going on and I wasn’t sobbing and speaking incoherently.

In the end, I got my job back and more.  I got another position Harriet (my boss) offered me two weeks ago – a position I am creating as we speak.  Interesting enough, the co-worker made this claim against me within a day of Harriet offering me the better position and a move to the Downtown campus.  Very interesting.  Another bonus – I am close to the assistant VP under the VP that was going to fire me and he came to my defense full force.  I love that man.

I didn’t click with this co-worker anyway and was looking forward to the move away from her.  I am going to MISS TRUDY!  My other co-worker with whom I shared a work space & whom did my bridesmaids bouquets for my wedding.  Tru and I will stay in communication via email, phone & lunch dates.

2. I’ve moved to the Downtown Campus of JSRCC – Wednesday Aug 23

I really LOVE my new space.  It is SO MUCH FUN to have an office space all to myself (again, though, I will MISS TRUDY).  I’ll take pictures and put them on myphotoalbum soon (see link to left of post).  I have pictures, I have a fish tank, I have two phone lines, a fax machine, a NEW color printer, and a huge printer for my b&w printing.

Parking can be a pain – one deck, very full all of the time, and very little on street parking thanks to two other decks going up on either side of our campus – one for VCU and one for the BioTech center for Phillip Morris.

3. I’ve started back into classes – Thursday, August 24

I think I want to go back to being an undergrad.  Graduate Level classes at VCU are offered at 2:00 p.m. and later.  Ugh!  I’m glad that Jeff bought me parking in the deck near my buildings, but still – I hate attending class in the late afternoon/evening.  Thursday was the first day of classes.  I have Analysis I – Math Education on Tuesday & Thursday from 2:00 – 3:15.  Then, on Thursdays I have History of Mathematics from 4:00 – 6:40.  This past Thursday, I attended my Reading Instruction in the Content Area at 7:00 p.m.  That one doesn’t meet again the entire semester – it is now totally online.  Which is good, because walking to my car Thursday night was NOT fun.  I hate being on the VCU campus after dark.  I simply do not feel safe.

Today, I am going to my M/W Modern Geometry class from 5:30 – 6:45.  WHAT A SUCKY TIME!!!!  Therefore, I’m not going into work until close to noon so that I can leave work and go to class.  I thought about working this morning and coming home mid-day, but that would be wasteful of gas.  Oh well, Mondays will be time to get homework done without neglecting my hubby.

4. Before all the above events…pictures on “myphotoalbum” – link on left.

Jeff and I hosted our first married cook-out a couple of weekends ago while Gabe was home from Philly.  Disclaimer of unfairness – This was a family cookout.  Jay and Mo have no family in the area, so my parents have adopted them.  They are now totally considered my family.

VBS was held at church – Jeff and I worked the Dye Shop.  It was fun, but tiring!

What else?  I don’t think I can remember it all!!!

Crazy life…Lovely life…I LOVE MY LIFE!

2 thoughts on “Okay, I suck at updating

  1. I love my sister!  I miss my sister!
    I hate afternoons too.  Mornings are great and so are late nights, but afternoons?  ugh.

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