Music & Drama Is the Best!!!

Well, I’m back from another year of Music & Drama Camp at Oak Hill.  It was a blast!!  My campers really rock!  We work them like dogs and they roll with us and put on a most excellent show!

For those who do not know, Music & Drama is a week of church camp at Oak Hill Christian Service Camp in which we teach and take on tour a Christian Teen Musical.  It is a lot of work with very little rest, but our campers love it and return year after year.

Our campers range in age from 12 years old – 18 years old and some attend for all seven summers in that time frame.  They get to know us and we get to know them.  We build relationships with them and it is great!

This year we did a musical called “Let’s Go to the Rock”.  It came out in the early 90’s and is a flashback to the 50’s – poodle skirts and all.  The girls really got into the costumes this year since we usually have a “tour outfit” and not actual costuming.  Even we, the staff, dressed up this year.  I made my own poodle skirt (with a little help)!!!

We meet on a Saturday afternoon and teach through Wednesday.  Then we take a four-five day tour.  This year we went to First Christian in Elizabethton, TN; Church of Christ Youth Camp in Grundy, VA; Unionville Christian in Unionville, VA; Cherry Avenue in Charlottesville, VA; and ended our tour at “home” at Mechanicsville Church of Christ in Mechanicsville, VA.

Our campers practice 9 – 10 hours a day with us and are expected to learn their lines, solos, etc in their free time.  We really wear them out!!

I will have pictures from camp as well as pictures of my poodle skirt up on my photo website (link on the left of the page) as soon as I get a chance to load them onto my computer.

Miss you all!!

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  1. Thanks for your comment. I feel bad for my mom more than anything…she is my favorite person in the world. My mom’s step-dad is still alive, but he can’t do everything for her that she needs. Mentally she’s in great shape…it’s the pain medication that has her so messed up.

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