Hey People!

We went to the INXS concert last night!  Whoo Hoo!!

Yes, Ladies, J.D. Fortune is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!  But I have to say that as a matter of personal opinion Kirk Pengilly is by far my favorite man on the stage.  The way he plays that saxophone (tenor and alto)…hmm…  Andrew Farriss is by far one of the most talented musicians to walk a stage playing harmonica, keyboards (out of this world) and guitar.  Tim Farriss (lead guitar) is incredible.  Jon Farriss plays drums in way that you can’t stop moving.  And Garry Beers on bass is absolutely mind-blowing.  I could feel the beat running through me the entire concert – but it was never overwhelming.

This may be one of the best shows I’ve been to.  J.D. played to the audience – both directly in front of him and up in the highest balcony – in a way that made you feel like he wanted to be your man.  I know the guys enjoyed the show, but everyone of those band members had women of all ages screaming their heads off.  One girl in front of Jeff and me (not 21 yet – didn’t have the wrist band on like her friends) actually removed her bra and swung in around until she had the bands attention.  Garry was encouraging her to throw it on up there.  Of course, she did the bra-on flash during opening act, Marty Casey and the Lovehammers.

About Marty Casey (runner-up on Rock Star: INXS) and his band.  Very hard, very grunge, but pretty good.  I didn’t become a fan during the process of the show and I wasn’t made one last night.  In my opinion, he’s just weird.  He gyrated in a way that didn’t turn a girl on – it just felt as though he was performing his own interpretive dance.  But, being on tour with INXS is the place to be when you’re trying to make it big.  As I mentioned above, the little girl in front of us flashed the stage during the LH set.  Why?  Because she wanted to be Dino‘s (bass guitar) girl – or so said her poster.  She wooed a security guard who allowed her to the stage after boob-in-bra flash.  I refer to it as such because during INXS, she actually removed the bra (as previously stated) and nearly gave us a non-bra-boob flash.  For some reason, modesty suddenly took over and she ended up returning the bra to it’s rightful place.

Now, I can’t say that I’ve never been tempted to take my bra off and throw it on stage.  Jeff and I even joked that I should’ve brought an extra one just to be able to do it.  My problem with it now – at 28 years old – is that I pay too much for my bras to be tossing them up on stage to some guy who winks at me in the moment, then throws my $50 VS bra in the trash.  NOT A CHANCE!

I took pictures, but I’m not sure how well they’ll turn out.  If any are good, I’ll temporarily replace my above engagement picture with a shot from the show.  We did have GREAT seats!  We were off to the side, but about 8-9 rows from the stage.  It was wonderful!!!

Will we go see them again if the tour the states in bigger arenas?  YES!

Will I beg Jeff to buy tickets really early and spend the big bucks so I can be close to Kirk Pengilly again?  YES!  (J.D. Fortune is just a bonus)

Would I suggest you to go even if you don’t know the music?  YES!  Because the show itself was incredible!!!

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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