Hey peoples!  How’s life?  This week has been rough so far.  I started my week off with a major migraine – PAINFUL!  I mean, I get what are medically classified as “migraines” all the time – I pop a B.C. Powder and go on about my day.  My doctors in high school were amazed that I could do that.  NOT THIS WEEK!  My migraine this week put me down and out, under the covers, and blocking out all light.  Two days – out for the count.  It sucked.

Today, I actually made it to class and work.  All day!  Yay for me!

So, last Thursday (Feb 9) I turned 28.  That is two years away from 30.  Hmm…  I continually feel incredibly old when sitting in class at VCU.  I often want to say to these kids, “What year were you born?”  Then I remember that most of you that read this are probably the same age (or pretty close).  Granted, some of these kids are my brother’s age, but some are SOO much younger!  No offense to any of you…I just feel my age on occasion.

I used to make fun of my mom because she was 31 when she had me.  That made her REALLY old compared to all of my friend’s parents.  Even my current friends who are older than I am have parents 10 years younger than mine.  Anyway, I always said that I was not going to be that old when I had my kids.  Well, here comes the eating of the words.  I’m 28.  I’m getting married in May.  We want kids, but will probably wait at least a year before we start purposely trying to create one.  That means I’ll be 30 before I have a kid – and that’s at the earliest.  Not that I’m upset by that.  I wouldn’t change a thing about my path in life to get where I am today.  I just find it a bit funny that I made such a big deal out of my mom’s age and here I sit happy that I’ll be about that age.  Granted, most people are waiting until later in their 20s and 30s (even their 40s if they are a celeb) to have their kids, so I’ll in no way be the “oldest mom in the band boosters”, but I’m going to eat my words big time.

I feel like this won’t be the only time I do this in life.

Speaking of the wedding – plans are really rolling along now.  I’m having a lot of fun picking songs and figuring out what we’ll serve for the reception.  We picked tuxes on Saturday and hopefully we’ll get registered this weekend (Lowe’s cards are always the perfect gift).  I’ve spent a small fortune on ebay buying wedding stuff – bridesmaids favors, ribbon, tulle, flowers, my toss bouquet ($7 including shipping).  I’m so, so, so excited and will post my flickr website after we’re all done and married & have our pictures posted.

Keep us in your prayers.  Weddings are fun to plan, but can be stressful.  We don’t tend to stress each other out about these things and I don’t really want to start now.

Hope you are all doing well…leave a comment will ya?

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  1. i am definitely in the “so much younger!” category, but that’s ok!  we still have a great time together…being serious or being goofy 🙂 awww…i miss you!

  2. Evelyn,  Your brother has some issues. And, YES I would love some embarassing pictures of your bro. Or even embarassing stories for that matter. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing, I will take. Email address is ADGilley920@yahoo.com if you would like to send em! Thanks for your assistance. (BTW hi! Nice meeting you, so to speak    )

  3. Gilley,
    Its sad when you have to post your email on a public site just to get dirt.  You have fallen off the horse.
    To “The Sis”
    I ate all my words about what I’d never do that you did.  I’m still chewing on most of them.  So it must run in the family.

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