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22.02.06 Review: Norfolk – Chrysler Hall

A day off in Washington DC gave the INXS camp an opportunity to revive itself ahead of the push south and into Virginia and beyond. First stop would be Norfolk’s Chrysler Hall. CrazyforINXS reports:

Norfolk was fantassssstic! After having front row seats in DC, I was disappointed that I had to settle for sixth row in Norfolk, but it did give me a different perspective and I was able to see all the guys better back a ways. This show was really loud and the sound just vibrated through you the whole show. The stage was big enough to have the complete stage setup so that was great for me since the stage in DC was too small to hold the ramps and the lights on the curtain. When INXS can have the full stage setup it is just phenomenal. The guys were totally on. They sounded wonderful. JD’s voice was perfect again and the crowd was really into the show from the opening harmonica of ‘Suicide Blonde’ to the last guitar lick on ‘Don’t Change’. After the onstage events in DC for ‘Don’t Change’ I was glad that I got to see the “normal” ‘Don’t Change’ as it is my first and absolute all time favorite INXS song. The set was the same as most shows, with ‘Kick’ added back in (yeah!), but I still miss ‘The Stairs’. Jon looked to be feeling better and we got his Whooo! for ‘Pretty Vegas’. I was a little surprised at the number of men in the audience that were totally rocking out to the music. It was an all ages crowd as well, which is nice to see. All the guys seemed to be having a great time and it is so wonderful to see them show affection for each other and their playful sides on stage. I am loving INXS: Complete.

Right before ‘Mystify’ was to begin, JD spotted a girl in the audience with a Virginia license plate that said “Mystifi” and asked to see it. She climbed over some seats to get it close enough that he could reach it. JD showed it to the rest of the guys and let it rest on the drum riser during the song. Then it was returned to that lucky girl and she had a concert memory to last forever. Standouts as far as crowd reaction were ‘Suicide Blonde’, ‘Original Sin’, ‘Never Let You Go’, ‘What You Need’, ‘Devil Inside’, ‘New Sensation’ and ‘Don’t Change’. The ballads were also astonishing. ‘Taste It’ was well very tasty as everyone knows. The woman beside me did not know anything about it and when I told her she could not believe it. Well, she saw it for herself and just kept grabbing my arm and saying “Oh my God” during the songs solos. I have the bruises to prove it!

A standout for me was getting a T-shirt with “Virginia is for Lovers” on it onto the stage thanks to some new pals on the front row. JD picked it up, looked at it and put it in his back pocket for all of ‘New Sensation’. I wanted him to have the shirt since this is his first concert in Virginia and to thank all the guys for the two awesome concerts in DC and Norfolk. It is an experience I will never forget. If you have not seen an INXS concert yet, run, don’t walk to your nearest computer and get you some tickets. You will never be the same again.

I was still on such a high on the way home the next day, that while listening to Switch and rocking out driving down the interstate, I got pulled over for my very first speeding ticket! Oh well, an INXS concert is worth it anyday.

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