So, Wedding Plans are a-GO!

So, Jeff has officially given me the go-ahead on planning our wedding.  More than likely you are NOT invited.  Not trying to be rude – but we’re keeping it small.  Please don’t be offended.

I’ve ordered my dress & headthing (a tiara, though I refuse to call it that) and bought my shoes.  Five bridesmaids have selected their dresses & we’re going to the shop on Sunday to pick the sixth one’s out.  I went with Periwinkle Blue separates for my girls.  My MOH, Amanda, will be in a peri skirt that matches all the other girls, but her top is white chiffon with peri colored flowers.  Charlotte, my junior bridesmaid, is wearing a solid white satin spaghetti strap top with the matching peri skirt.

My other bridesmaids are Melissa Hess (my closest friend though we just got to know each other since this summer), Christie Grubbs (my co-Dean at Music & Drama whom I cannot live without), Rachel Ledbetter (marrying my brother this fall – is she crazy???), and Mariah Hubbs (Jeff’s friend from high school whom I adore).

Tuxes are on tap for this weekend as well as registering for gifts.  LOWES GIFT CARDS are preferred above all else as the house is really our main focus.  We will probably register for very little bath & kitchen stuff since we’re going to change all that dramatically in the next year or so.  Doesn’t make sense to get a lot of stuff that we may not need after we remodel.

The babies (Monkey, Hobbes, Maggie, Toby & Sam) are doing well.  Hobbes has given in and has started sleeping out in the living room with the rest of them during the day when we’re gone.  I came in to find him sleeping right next to Toby yesterday with Sam on the other side of Toby.

I got a new cell phone – one that takes pictures!  The number is the same, but I’m now a Verizon customer.  So long Cingular!  I loved SunCom, but Cingular is a beast of a company and I couldn’t stand them!

School is okay – could be better, could be worse.  I like my teachers and my classes and have friends in every one.  Well, not friends, but people I’m familiar with and feel comfortable being around.

I’m currently working on flower ideas for the wedding.  I forgot how much fun and yet how stressful all of this wedding stuff is.  My girls will be carrying white flowers and I haven’t decided what I want for me yet.

Hope life is well with you!

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  1. Three things you should know about the post above:
    1) I get to go to the wedding.  EAT IT!
    2) Evelyn went Verizon to have “in” network minutes to talk to me, mom, and dad.  Whatever she says against that, do NOT believer her.
    3) Pleasants Hardware gift cards would work too, no matter what she says. Support the local!  My old job!
    *(Now my sister will call and chew me out for being a bastard on her site)*


  2. 1) You’re coming to the wedding to video tape it and so that Rachel can be one of my bridesmaids.
    2) I won’t call and chew you out.  (I’m actually laughing.)  THOUGH, I did NOT switch for YOU.  I switched for the two camera phones for $50.
    My “never gonna have a cell phone” fiance now has a cell phone – though we are not giving the number out so that he can keep his analog status.  It is “strictly for the purpose of calling home or for help in a ‘running late’ or an emergency situation.
    Of course, last night I downloaded two INXS songs to his phone to be his ringers.  Now he kind-of wants people to call him so that he can hear them play.
    My new ringtones: Default – Jessica Simpson’s “Boots”; Jeff – Duran Duran’s “Reach Up For the Sunrise”; Warren or Rach – INXS’ “Pretty Vegas”; Mo – The Rembrant’s “I’ll Be There For You”; and Mom & Dad – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”.
    I rock.
    3) Pleasants Hardware gift cards will work, though Jeff and I haven’t shopped there at all and they are slightly more expensive.  I do still give them verbal support when directing people new to the area to our “home” stores.  I always mention Pleasants.  It hurts PH’s chances that we have a Lowe’s six minutes away (counting red lights).
    Grete – trust me, there will be pictures!

    Ringtones huh?  You went and got expensive!  I don’t even have fancy ringtones.

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