I admit it…

I’m a Twihard.

Just finished the books (Monday 3/21).  Can’t get them out of my head.
Then I found out that one of my favorite songs on someone else’s playlist was from Twilight… hadn’t ever paid attention to that before.

I’m Team Edward and, though I’ve never been attracted to Rob Pattinson before (outside of a random interview), I find him delicious after reading Edward and having him as the picture in my head.
I haven’t seen the movies (but I will soon)… but the description of Edward in the books and the previews for the movies that I have seen makes it hard to separate the two.

Though I did think he was “cute” as Cedric Diggory…
Then, I found out that RP sings.  Sorry to torture you, but I’ve added his songs to my playlist.
The first two are the same song, but by different names.  I love it enough that I hate for it to end.  Now at least, it can play twice back to back for me.  (And I can loop it on my itunes and listen to it over and over again).  Wish I’d had the song to play in the background as I read.
I never got the whole Twilight mania until I read the books.  Amazing what books can do for you, isn’t it?  They just transport you to another time and place.

Barney sings a song about checking out a book from the library and in it is says, “You can have an adventure in a faraway land, you can learn about a tuba in a marching band, you can travel to the stars or the deep blue sea when you check out a book from the library.”

A couple months ago I spent several days in the nation of Panem fighting for my life and trying to figure out which boy I actually loved…

Real or Not Real? 
(I’m seriously thinking about getting that as a tattoo, but not what is pictured here … just the words…)

Recently, I’ve been in England learning magic and fighting an evil, evil sorcerer…

and just this past week I’ve been in the Northwest U.S. (with side trips to Italy and the Caribbean) living with Vampires and trying not to love a Werewolf.  Oh – how I get wrapped up in what I’m reading!!!  I can imagine I’m right there with the characters!

I love reading.  But I will be taking a much necessary break for the rest of this week before picking up another book.  I need to sleep normal hours and focus on doing the stuff that needs to be done (like laundry, dishes, and packing up the years worth of too-small Ella-clothes burying the guest bed). 

I’ll miss Cullens…we’ll start over again some day.  I’ll see you soon on my t.v depending on how patient I can be before I start watching the movies…and when they start arriving in my mail from Netflix…

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