31 Weeks Down!!

So, right now on Sept 15, 2008 at 10:50 a.m., Ella is moving around in my uterus like she is trying to get out!  It is a little uncomfortable right now.  Not only is she making we need to pee (again), but she is making everything else in my body shift.  It is crazy!

Well…I started this 30 minutes ago, but I am at work so I have to post a couple sentences at a time.  She’s settled down (after a potty break – my bladder must have been crowding her) and should be dozing off.  Nothing interesting on Baby Center this week.  Info about Braxton-Hicks Contractions (none yet) and how to get sleep when baby is moving at night.  I’ve been really lucky in that she moves when I lay down to go to sleep and she moves when I wake up, but I’ve never been woken up or kept awake by her.  I’m hoping that means that she sleeps through the night with me.
The only time she moves during the night is if I change positions (like moving from my left side to my right side), but since I’m turning her over, too, I figure she’s just readjusting to get comfortable.  All in all, this pregnancy thing has been no big deal.  Even the things I complain about most just aren’t that bad.
Oh – comparison time.  According to BabyCenter, as of Thursday, Ella is the size of a soccer ball.  Just look at this photo, taken Friday morning:

31 week belly

Speaking of complaining about things – I am always hot!  Yesterday, I sweat through a t-shirt within 10 minutes of putting it on.  It was awful and I wanted to cry.  I mean, I had on deoderant and still sweat so that my shirt was wet.  I was at home, in front of a fan, getting ready to leave.  I am thankful that I am not in my last month during this month because I think I’d never move.  I’d lay in bed where the window unit is right there at me.  My dear mother (Warren was born Aug 5) and mother-in-law (Jerry was born Aug 25) and all other women who have babies in August and September – you are strong women and I admire you.  Your children should shower you with expensive gifts every Mother’s Day.

Now, for a totally cool photo that I’m hoping Jeff and I may be able to duplicate in the next 8 weeks:


Yes, folks, I said EIGHT WEEKS!  I’m due in less than two months = less than 9 weeks.  I find out in a few weeks if a c-section will be recommended.  Afterall, they are thinking she is going to be big.  Now, before some of you jump down my throat about c-sections not being good.  I understand and completely comprehend that vaginal birth is the #1 way to have a baby.  I am also a realist that knows that I’m pretty small in all areas of my body and I’d rather schedule a c-section than try to deliver normally and have the baby get stuck – which totally stresses out the baby and has led to sprained and BROKEN pelvises – and end up in an EMERGENCY c-section that is far more dangerous than a scheduled.  So, if my well trained, medical doctor of an OB/GYN says “c-section”, then that is the route I will take.  So please do not lecture me; I know pretty much all you’re going to say…and that is all I’m going to say about that.

And now it is almost 1:00 and I’m finally hitting “post”.  Thanks for checking out Ella’s Blog!

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