Photos coming soon!

Okay, so the weekend was insanely busy and the week hasn’t been much better.  All my free time at home has been tied up in writing “Thank You” cards.  I had about 75 to do when I started and I’m down to less than 50 to go.  I also took time to unload all my gift bags from Sunday so that I could get a feel for everything we’d gotten.  And, Jeff was hanging with the boys on Sunday so he didn’t get to see all of our goodies!  We seriously got the cutest stuff ever!!!  Thank you to Charlotte Rich for Ella’s VT Cheering Uniform.
Oh yes, for those not in church @ UCC on Sunday or not at the shower, we have officially released our baby’s name: Ella Louise Cronin.

So, beach pictures and shower pictures will go on MyPhotoAlbum tonight if all goes as planned.  They will include pics of me from Sunday which will count as my 30 week belly shots.  I’ll add one of those to this site for quick viewing.

To hold you over…here are two pictures of all the stuff we’ve gotten so far (minus two handmade blankets that I left in the office where they are being stored).  I took them with my cell to send to mom, so they aren’t great quality.  Not in the picture is a stack of clothes that are 24 months.  The pink bag on top of some of the blankets is full of clothes size 18 months.  There just wasn’t enough room.
In photo 1, the clothes stacked on top of the (still packed up) pack-n-play are size Newborn.  The clothes on the bed (in both photos) are arranged in stacks by size: 0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months, 6-9 months, 9 months (second row, second photo), and 12 months (3rd row, 2nd picture).
Against the wall in photo 1 is the papason chair the Amos’ gave us from Alastair and hanging on it is the Jonny Jump-Up from Alastair.
No longer visible under the stuff on the bed against the wall is our changing table pad – but it is there.

Photo 1:
Church Shower Gifts Part 1

Photo 2:
Church Shower Gifts Part 2

Thank you cards are being sent out daily!

3 thoughts on “Photos coming soon!

  1. Jeff was worried that we’d received too many clothes.  Then I reminded him that between pee, puke and poop babies go through several outfits a day.  I did feel VERY loved.

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