Ugh…What is This?

So, for the first time in my pregnancy I got sick today!  What on earth?  Is this some lame joke?

Now, I’ve been nauseous on and off through out the pregnancy and I do have very strong food aversions (please do not serve me chicken or pork!), but I haven’t actually gotten sick until today.

I got up, got dressed and got ready to follow Jeff to VW to drop off his car for inspection.  I fixed a bagel (very normal breakfast for me), but about half way through, I didn’t want it so I threw it away.  I decided to drink some OJ so that I could get my prenatal vitamin down.

Pants ironed and on the man, treats in the cats and dog and we were out the door.  Picked Jeff up from VW and headed to Chesterfield to drop him off at the Arboretum.  When we were almost there I started feeling really nauseous (again, very normal) and decided to grab my normal stomach settler, McD’s hashbrowns (2) and a small coke.  I dropped Jeff off and headed to McD’s, making it to the parking lot before the upchuck started.  No details – I promise.

I’ll just say I drove to an empty parking lot nearby so no one would see me getting sick and decide to skip breakfast that morning.  I then called Jeff and asked him to meet me in his parking lot with wet paper towels and tissues.  Once I got myself together, I headed to a gas station for a coke & then home.  So much for training for work today.

I’ve laid on the couch & slept a lot and now I’m going to do a couple things to get ready for work tomorrow.  Jeff’s car is ready so I’ll be heading to get him and to VW soon.  I’m supposed to go grocery shopping today, but I’m really not feeling it.  We’ll see if Jeff can fend for himself food-wise for tonight and I’ll go shopping tomorrow.

Lesson to future pregger women – always have supplies on hand for when the sickness hits.  Just because you’ve gone nearly 12 weeks without getting sick, doesn’t mean it won’t sneak up on you!

Hope all your days are not so icky!

3 thoughts on “Ugh…What is This?

  1. I spent my pregnancies sick as a dog, and it usually didn’t start until week 12. Here were my standbys I had on hand at all times:- Ginger ale- Lemon drops (really help)- Oranges (if you don’t feel like eating, just open and smell… helps the queeziness go away)- Soda crackers on the night stand (if you end up getting AM sickness eat one before even sitting up)I can’t stand any of those things now, but they were my primary source of nutrition for months. Hope you feel better and that it’s just preggers and not a bug!! On the plus side, they say if you’re morning sick, your hormones are definitely doing their job and the baby is healthy. 🙂

  2. Recommendation:  don’t take vitamins with orange juice on a nearly empty stomach.  I tried for months to take normal vitamins and kept getting highly nauseated.  Orange juice is just adding more acid to your stomach, getting things even more churned up.  Next time, if you’re not gonna eat breakfast, just drink water with your pill.

  3. i agree. oj always makes me feel sick. :)i always think it’s amazing that pregnant women get sick at the beginning and not when the baby is big and doing somersaults.

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