Oh, Baby!

So Warren made me originally start this Xanga blog as a way for him to keep up with me.  Since then, he’s ditched Xanga and I’ve gotten a myspace page and a facebook page.  You’d think that would be enough.

Nope – he wants a Baby Blog now.  So I’m granting him his wish.  My goal is to update weekly on what is going on inside & outside me.  I will try to update more than I can right now – work is really busy.

As of today, I am 11 weeks 4 days pregnant.  For former pregnant ladies, that does not count any time prior to conception because I had a short monthly visitor after I was pregnant.  My dates were set using an ultrasound.

So far, the baby is named BEAN until we find out if we’re having a boy or girl.  After that, we’ll start calling Bean by his/her to-be-given name.

I’ll post pregnancy pics, too, but the one from last week is on my computer at home.

Thanks for checking in and keeping up with me!

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