You Tube Video You MUST See

You have to check this out:

This is my favorite airplane landing I’ve ever taken.  Granted, this is not video we took ourselves, but we’ve experienced this just the same – maybe on a bigger plane.  This landing means that you’ve made it to St.Thomas.  You’re going to step out of the plane directly into the sunshine.  You walk down the steps, go through security, find a taxi, ride to the ferry, and continue across the beautiful water to St. John.  Beautiful!

At the moment I’m posting this, it is 81 degrees and sunny in Cruz Bay, St. John. 

I’m ready to go…


3 thoughts on “You Tube Video You MUST See

  1. If you ever go to St. Croix, they have beer drinking pigs. You pay 5 dollars, and give the pig a can of beer. The pig will chomp into it, and turn his head up just like an underage frat kid. Imagine making bacon out of that pig 6 months later; it would probably ignite on your stove.

  2. As I told your bro, I had a dream last night. You and he were both in it. We were drinking cool drinks and smoking cigars. Your brother was wearing a Cubs hat.

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