To See the Professional Pictures (471 photos):

Then, click on “Event Guest”.

Then, “Search for Recent Event”.

Event Name: McCrickard

“Find Event”

Click on “McCrickard Cronin”

Event Password: Evelyn


The online album will be up until August 26.


To find all the pictures, you have to keep changing sets.  This can be done by clicking on “View More Photos”.  They are divided up into four sets – Getting Ready, Ceremony, Portraits, Reception.


Hope you enjoy them!! 

Notice me fall apart in the hallway while walking to the sanctuary for the ceremony and again during my vows. 

I just couldn’t get over the fact that Jeff was marrying me.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Will be looking at pics shortly!
    And if liking “Buttons” makes you weird…well that makes two of us. I’m not a big fan of their immodest dress (see: PCD album cover), and I think their songs are slightly scandalous…well, I guess there’s no slightly to it. They are straight up gangsta. But good grief, their songs are so catchy. I love Beep and Dontcha. Maybe if they had some snakes in their videos it wouldn’t be so bad!
    I like VA Beach. One of my best friends just moved there in January, and I helped him move. Lots of cool jets! Zroom!

  2. Evelyn – I can’t believe you let everyone see that picture of me chugging my beer!!  The shame, the shame.  Why is there a picture like that from every wedding I go to??  Anyway, the pictures look beautiful!

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