Dave Matthews ROCKED!

That man is beautiful and I love so see him dance as he plays.  This is not from our concert, but you’ll get the idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT_c961r5oU

Boyd was on fire and absolutely one of the best parts of the concert.  A man with those muscles, dancing and playing his violin…amazing.

At one point, Melissa and I agreed that we are the ultimate band geeks.  When LeRoi took out the bari-sax and started playing we looked at each other and mentioned that only real men play a bari-sax standing up.

It was pouring when we got there so we were soaked by the time we got to our seats.  It was an outdoor venue (Nissan Pavilion – capacity 25,000), but our seats were under the cover – in the very last row.  Jeff didn’t realize this until we got to them.  There are 10,000 seats under the cover.  The wind was blowing for the first hour, keeping us totally drenched.  It eventually stopped, so the fronts of us dried, but our seats (both the plastic ones and flesh/jean ones) never did. 

The people on the lawn (it was a sold out concert, so that would be about 15,000) were totally soaked and covered in mud a la Woodstock ’69.  People were purposefully sliding down the hill at the front of the lawn and landing in huge streams of water on the sidewalk.  It was crazy!!!  I could suddenly tell that I had gotten older.  I was not jealous of the stripping, mud-covered fans on the lawn, however I did look at Jeff and say, “there is a tiny piece of me who thinks that looks like fun”.  As those words came out of my mouth, a young lady slid down the hill and cracked her butt hard on the concrete curbing at the bottom.  I immediately added a, “maybe not.”

It’s been about 8 years since I’ve seen DMB live and it was a GREAT wedding gift.  My hubby rocks!  We did get good whiffs of pot so our experience would be complete.

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  1. Hahaha! Yeah the idea of a painful heiny would deter me from sliding too! Glad you liked it. Did you get a contact buzz at any point? It happens a lot at DMB. And yeah snakes are wayyyyy cooler

  2. Nope.  Not contact high this concert.  We did get a whiff everynow and then, but it wasn’t being smoked close enough to us for us to be able to enjoy the second hand smoke.

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