Okay people, I am stressed out!  It is 11:28 p.m. and I’m awake.  And more than awake – my mind is reeling.

I have a conference at work on Tuesday and I feel more unprepared than I have even felt for anything.

I was nearly asleep when it occured to me that I did not know if we had booked the meeting room at JSRCC.  That is a HUGE deal.

I’ve ordered lunch, but for 200 people – realistically, it now looks like we’re going to have 1/2 that.

I haven’t booked the hotel room for our speaker (not totally my fault), I haven’t bought breakfast stuff, I haven’t bought chips or the bottles of water.

I’ve got what needs to go into the folders, but not the folders (though they are ready to be picked up first thing in the morning).

I haven’t done nametags or sign-in sheets, I haven’t assigned sessions, but of course, I haven’t received the RSVPs I need to complete all that.

I haven’t created my powerpoint (which I could do now, but I just want to go back to bed) and I haven’t designed the campus tour.

I’m going to cry.

Please pray that I get (or got) some sleep.

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