Okay, I’ve moved on from the bears

So, my bridesmaids all have their dresses.

The groom & 3 groomsmen have been fitted for tuxes (leaving three more to get fitted).

My invitations will be ordered tomorrow.

My bridesmaid’s bouquets are selected and a demo is being made.

I’ve nearly found my “hair” gu-ru: read between the lines – the wonderful friend who has done all of my hairstyles for 14 years is going to be away for her anniversary the weekend of my wedding!!!  That meant finding a new stylist who could handle a proper wedding hair style… very difficult to do for a picky thing like me.

My appointment with above said friend is made for May 22 to have my ponytail cut off for Locks-of-Love (http://www.locksoflove.org ).  By that time – it will at least a foot long.  I’m getting it whacked to my chin for my honeymoon.

My photographer is selected, the contract signed, and the first half paid. http://www.odriscollphotography.com

My caterer is on board, but has left town to help her daughter-in-law prepare for their new baby.  We’ll talk nitty-gritty when she returns.  No stress there at all!

Guests have all received their “Save The Date” magnet made by me.

We’re registered and have already received one gift today!!  I really wanted one of those beautiful frames with the large mat and an opening for an 8X10 photo to use as my guest book instead of the traditional “book” guest book.  Today, my friend, Trudy, and I were out hitting the floral sale at Michaels when we found the perfect one.  She bought it on the spot and gave it to me.  She’s great!!

Hmm…that’s what’s up in my life…what’s going on in yours?

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  1. There’s a problem with the fact that I haven’t seen you in such a long period of time that I didn’t know your hair was THAT long. Can this issue be resolved, please? I’ll be in town in April.

  2. The Sis doing locks of love.  That’s awesome though I love your hair long.
    Hey, read pbunc1’s last post.  He’s on my subscriptions.  Its about a unruly church member.  You would give great advice.
    Miss you.  Love you.

  3. I am NOT crocheting.  I do knit when I find the time, but of course I’ve accomplished enough of a scarf that I started over a year ago to cover a hand.
    I’m working with glue, tape, ribbon, and flowers – a world of difference.
    If you’re not Warren and are lost, see his blog comments.

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