All About Me…

So, my dear sister, Kristen, has been nagging lovingly encouraging me to start blogging again.
This got me thinking about why I don’t blog consistently.  Interestingly enough, the time of my life where I posted to a blog most often was while pregnant with Ella…(old blog here).

My usual excuse for not blogging is that I don’t find myself that interesting.  However, I find my kid interesting and I don’t blog about her either.
Really, if you read the last real blog entry on the old blog, you’ll see that I say to find me on facebook and that I update my status every couple of days.  Wow – how 3 years changes things.  Facebook became my outlet for keeping in tough with friends, sharing what I found cool, and sharing information about myself.

Ironically, I also spend some time each day reading at least one of 16 blogs that I have bookmarked.  My most visited blog is Kelle Hampton’s Enjoying The Small Things with visits to Kristen’s blog, Lifestone when she updates it (far more often than I do).  There are 14 more, but those are the two I visit most.

Today, I went to Holly Furtick’s blog, The Preacher’s Wife which I visit about once a month and catch up on.  On March 1 she made a list of things about herself.  There were ten items ranging from a change in taste after pregnancy to the fact that she only washes her hair twice a week.

It made me think… what do people who follow my blog know about me?  So I decided to make a list too…

1. I’m 15 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (we find out boy/girl on April 2 so stay tuned!)
2. In my first pregnancy I couldn’t see or smell chicken – raw or cooked in any way.  Not so this time, though seafood (which I love) is very hit or miss.
3. In my first pregnancy I craved Chipotle and could eat it daily.  This time, I crave sushi and often pick up a California Roll from Martin’s to curb the craving.  (Honey, I could really use another Ichiban date night.)
 4. In my first pregnancy I took belly photos every week starting at week 10.

Here I am this past Saturday at week 15:
I did take a photo at 11 weeks, but it wasn’t very flattering so I didn’t publish it.

5. I eat Chef Boyardee at least once a week…  This is awful considering how many of my friends are really health conscious and would never let something that processed into their house.
6. I wash my hair about 3 times a week.  If I wash it more, it dries out.  I keep thinking of going with the No Poo movement and eliminating shampoo all together and using vinegar and (what goes with the vinegar, Kris?) instead.
7. I have Medullary Sponge Kidney and it is no fun while pregnant.  While most of my stones are teeny-tiny and pass at home with drugs, they’ve discovered a super stone with this pregnancy that may end up leading to some type of kidney surgery by the time everything is said and done.  If I can make it to 30 weeks without it moving into my ureter, they’ll be more comfortable going in since they could accidentally trigger labor.
I am am not a fan of drinking water, yet I’m supposed to drink 80-100 oz of water every DAY so if you see me and I’m not drinking water, feel free to hand me a bottle and tell me to chug.
8. I am not nearly as creative as I want to be.  I love finding cool craft ideas and buying craft supplies, but every time Ella gets glue (Elmers – it washes!) on the table I find myself freaking out… not AT her, but she can always tell that the mess of glitter and glue stresses me out.  I also have a tendency to “help” her with her art projects… you know, even something up here… space things out over there… not at all the way you are supposed to do art with a pre-schooler.
9.  I am 100% sure that I am married to the world’s best father.  The man painted our 3-year-old daughter’s bed pink.  Why?  Because she told him that princess beds are pink and that she needed a pink bed.  I spend days trying to sway her to white with pink bedding… he took her shopping at Home Depot to pick out her paint.  That man rocks.
10. I really, really want to be a better blogger.  I just need to find stuff that makes me passionate enough to write about it.  I have too many projects and ideas floating around in my head that I often just feel too overwhelmed to actually put any of it into words.

Anyway… it is a start, right?  Not brilliant by any stretch, but maybe I can get back on track.  Maybe if Ella would keep sleeping past 8:00, I could use that 7:30-8:00 stretch in the morning when Jeff has left for work and I’m able to sit for more than 30 seconds at a time.  See – I may update my facebook frequently, but rarely am I sitting at the computer for any length of time.  You try it with a 3-year-old and see how “alone” you’re left.

Oh, and I’m loving that warmer weather is here.  It can stay for as long as it likes.
I keep saying that I could live somewhere that never dips below 70 degrees and be perfectly happy.
I really mean that too…

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