Ella is Nine Weeks! (or 2 months and a few days)

Again, I apologize…

I can’t seem to get much time to get online.  When I do, I try to vary if I’m going to MySpace, Facebook, or here.  Since the other two are more interactive they tend to win most of my time.  So, I’ve been to both of those in the hour since Ella fell asleep and it seems I may have time (before starting dinner prep) to do a quick update here.

First, for pictures don’t forget to visit http://evielou.myphotoalbum.com.  If I have a few more minutes after I’m done here, I’ll load the latest 51 items off the camera to that site.

Second, CONGRATULATIONS to my other friends welcoming babies or getting prepared for the life-altering change.  Shannon Manke (that sounds weird to me): Yay!  Our little girls are close in age.  I’ll email you (soon) to see if you’re still in the Charlottesville area and if we can meet up somewhere in between for lunch.  Is there any where in between?  Hmm….
Grete!!!  Warren called me when he left you on New Years and said I needed to call you.  I put your number in my phone, but was feeding Ella and decided to wait.  Later that night (at dinner), both he and Rach were adamant that I needed to have called you already.  They were so upset that I had not that I knew exactly what the news was.  Yet here it is one week later and I’ve yet to pull you up and hit “send”.  My apologies!!!  I am so excited for you and Aaron!  Ask me anything.  Did Warren give you my number?  I PROMISE I will try to call or email this weekend to let you know how to get me (not leaving it on the general site, sorry).  I have picked my friend Colleen’s brain to death (and continue to do so) so I know that it is good to have other new moms at your fingertips.
To Grete – By the way…any day now you’ll be able to gently recline and your uterus will stick out – it makes your stomach look like a deflated basketball.  This is perfectly normal and nothing is wrong.  I’m not sure I posted about it, but Jeff freaked out the first time we noticed it on me and I called Colleen the day before she went into labor with Logan.  Since I’m still losing baby weight (just now got the okay to excercise again) and my uterus is not back to pre-baby size or location, I can still pull off this totally cool party trick; though not nearly as well…

Finally – if you have Facebook or MySpace (facebook gets more attention) and have not done so yet, please find me.  There are pictures on there, too, and I update at least my status every couple of days.

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas & New Years!  As you can imagine – this year was spectacular for us.

Talk to you soon!
~Evelyn Louise Cronin

P.S. The book listed as my “Currently Reading” was strongly suggested by Colleen.  Every mom-to-be (or mom who is) needs to get it and read it.  I wish I’d gotten it before Ella came.  We’re having to correct some bad sleep habits already!!!

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