Update from the doctor – 10/29/08

Okay, so no update on dilation, but confirmation of 50% effacement.  My blood pressure was still up so now I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday morning.  Ella’s heart rate is perfect, but they want to be sure they aren’t missing anything they can’t see.  I’m excited to get to see my baby girl so close to her arrival in this world!  For now, doctor’s orders are to stay chill.  I am allowed to complete my last two days at work, but I’m supposed to be taking it easy while home.  I don’t have to cancel any plans for the weekend, but even going to Jay & Mo’s party requires me to sit on my rear and not play cornhole.  Oh well…

Trudy keeps joking me that I’ll just be admitted when I go on Monday.  Maybe I’ll install the carseat and pack my suitcase this weekend just in case.

Today is 38 weeks.  I’ll get a photo tomorrow in my halloween t-shirt and post it.  Other than that – Happy Halloween weekend!!!


So I went to the Doctor yesterday.  I am 1/2 centimeter dilated (still have 9.5 to go before Ella makes her mark on this world).  I am effacing – I think she said I was 50% effaced (which is a lot).  If that continues, then the dilation will speed up.

Dr. Powers is not predicting a baby this week, but isn’t saying it won’t be next week.  I asked if I could aim for 11/4 since that is Aunt Evie’s birthday (what better bday gift?) and she said Not if I want her to deliver Ella.  No, I don’t WANT to have my kid on election day – Aunt Evie’s bday just happens to fall on election day.  I would still get to the polls before heading to the hospital!!!

Actually 11/4 is Dr. Powers’ daughter’s birthday and they are taking 20-some-odd pre-teen girls to see High School Musical 3.  Oh my!  What Jeff has to look forward to!

My blood pressure was elevated (though the top number had come down a bit before I left) so I’m headed back to the doctor tomorrow for a BP check.  They’ll keep a close eye on that now so that I do not have complications.

I am in quite a bit of discomfort because Ella has dropped down between my pelvic bones and is starting to push on the “door” out.  Walking is not fun!!!  She is still as squirmy as ever.  All those things you read that says that you’ll notice a “decrease” in movement as the baby runs out of room are LIES!  Kidding – everyone is different and I’m carrying a cheerleader, or soccer player, or acrobat – take your pick.

I’ll update again later this week.  Thursday will be my 38 week mark!!!

One thought on “Update from the doctor – 10/29/08

  1. Hi from your friend who is always behind and afraid to drive when tired.  That about sums up why I haven’t had little ones!!!  Catching up on your postings has been as wonderful as ever.  I still hope against hope that you will be able to post after Ella arrives.  Call me unreasonable, but I enjoy reading your writing.  Best, Sally

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