34 week belly

If you look closely, you can see my belly (and Jerry’s reaction to it).  Gabe took this with his camera phone, so it isn’t the best quality, but it is a funny picture & you can definitely tell why everyone is predicting that I’ll have this baby EARLY!

So…34 weeks…the countdown begins!
I am getting excited.  The nursery is painted.  We are going to Home Depot tonight to reserve the sander for tomorrow or Sunday when Jeff will sand the floor (Tomorrow I will have plenty to keep me busy organizing the office and on Sunday I already have plans to be away from the house all day).  Then, sometime during the week or next weekend, he’ll poly the floor.  Then, on the 17th, Mo & I will officially decorate.  Of course, I still don’t have the changing table from my dad-in-law or the dresser/bookcase combo from the garage (that needs to be sanded and repainted)…but I’ll have the crib and everything we are putting on the walls.

I have felt very run down this week and actually worked from home Wednesday & Thursday.  Yesterday I actually was sick.  I probably pushed myself too hard by working from home Wednesday, but going to the fair Wednesday night (hence the above photo).  I just figured that if I saved my energy throughout the day, I’d feel better that night.  I’d been having trouble with my asthma all day (why I stayed home in the first place), but felt okay by the time we left for the fair.  It was just probably too much.  But it was also the only night we could go with Gabe, Jerry & Kristen.  Best part – I got my fried twinkie.  With another visit tomorrow & yet another on Sunday, I’ll get my fried oreos and my fried candy bar.  Yummy!!!  Ella is liking that!  Good think I don’t have gestational diabetes.  I’d be in tears!

Ella is getting to be a big girl & is running out of room in my tummy.  There are times when she moves that it actually hurts.  I may have mentioned this before, but with each passing week it gets worse.  Still, I am not complaining – I have had an EASY pregnancy!  She still doesn’t keep me (or wake me) up at night so I’m hoping that is a good omen of what is to come.  Perhaps she’ll be a great baby who starts sleeping through the night early.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday.  Pretty soon I’ll be going every week.  Dr. Powers did say that if she felt that Ella was too big for me to push through OR if Ella is not in the correct head-down position, I will get a c-section.  I am very comfortable with that decision.  The last thing I want is to put Ella under undue stress because she gets stuck.

Funny – I have not yet had complete strangers come up and touch my belly.  Not at all.  I thank all the pregnant ladies before me who have made this clear that it is NOT okay if you do not know the pregnant mom.  Instead, strangers who I pass feel it completely okay to give me medical advice or predict what I am having (or when I will go into labor).  Most often the conversation goes, “Oh congratulations!  When are you due?”  To which I reply with the number of weeks left.  Then the stranger says, “Oh, dear, I do not think you’re going to make it that long.”  Thank you…
The best so far was two guys at the Fair Wednesday night.  We were walking through the expo building where lots of people/companies come to sell their crap – jewelry, pins, hot tubs, pet stuff, candy, your horoscope…you know what I’m talking about.  Jeff and I were looking at one vendor’s goodies when these two guys in another booth (like 15-20 feet away) start talking to each other about me.  We never could here guy #2’s responses, but here is Guy #1’s side of the conversation:
Guy #1: Yo – that girl is having twins!  Look at her!
pause a moment
Guy #1: Seriously – and at least one is a boy…look at how her stomach sticks way out…he’s just standing up!
Guy #1: Man, for real, look at her…she is definitely having twins…like any day now!

Thanks, buddy.  Good thing I’m not a really self-conscious person.  If so, I would have been freaking out.

Oh well…that is my update for now.  I’m sure we’ll take another picture this weekend at the fair during the day with a regular camera.  I’ll post that one when we do.  Have a great weekend and MAY ALL YOUR DAYS BE FAIR DAYS!!!

OH! That reminds me!  Ella gets to go to the circus with me this year!!!!!

One thought on “34 WEEKS!

  1. When Ella arrives, I hope you will continue to post.  I hope you will have time.  And I hope she will sleep well and allow you to sleep.  Best wishes from your hopeful friend Sally

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