Quick update

1. Have you noticed that the picture of the 17-week baby looks a lot like an alien?  Seriously, I know my kid’s head is out of proportion with the rest of its body right now (and will be at birth, looking at some baby pictures), but can’t we make it a little less odd looking?

2. I posted that I’d felt the baby, but didn’t describe what it felt like.  It does feel a little similar to gas, so I can see how people mistake the first movements as such.  I’ve heard the description of this first feeling as “butterflies” or “popcorn”…well, folks, mine felt like someone had rolled up some bubblewrap and twisted it so it popped all at one time.  It really was like a crackling sensation near my right ribcage area.  So weird!

3. I’m very quickly becoming a vegetarian (who eats seafood).  First meat to go was chicken, then pork chops, then bbq, and now it appears as though steak is leaving my list of acceptable and desireable foods.  I want rice, beans, veggies, and fruit more than anything.  So this little one is getting its protein from black beans & eggs at this point in time.  Now, the three times I’ve attempted steak in the last two weeks have all been seasoned steak.  Sometime this week (or next weekend) I’m making the trip to my local Golden Corral for some plain old steak and some A-1 sauce and see how I do.
Please keep my poor husband in your thoughts.  I isn’t just that I don’t want to eat any of the above mentioned meats – I don’t want to prepare them either!  I did cook chicken and split a dinner I made last week so that his half had chicken in it, but man was that disgusting!!

4. I’m tired & HOT (we’re setting records here in RVA).  I never planned on being pregnant during the summer and now I realize why.  God bless my mother for having my brother in AUGUST!  Warren, I hope you are extra good to mom on all future mother’s days because I can’t imagine going through this weather at 7 – 9 months!

Love you all!  Thanks for checking in!!

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. You just blew my cover! Blarg!You are a pesca-vegetarian…cool! I could never give up seafood.I’m headed to Charlottesville for a job interview on Thursday night. Friday morning, if you hear a loud scream all the way in Richmond, that’s me.

  2. Think it was hot outside…think about what I must have felt inside the belly!!!Mom laying in the sun all day ensuring she got sun tanned!Sorry about the heat.  Its in the 70s here…so nice.Love that BEAN!

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