So…no 16 week picture

I promise to take a 17 week picture tomorrow, but will post it in the blog because I love my current profile picture.

THE DATE IS SET – We will (cooperative baby willing) find out if we’re having a boy or girl on Monday, June 30 @ 9:00 a.m. ~ well, shortly there after.
I’m actually getting excited to know & I’m counting down the days!!!  After telling family & close friends, I will post the news online – on all three sites (here, facebook, & MySpace).

Life is going well and tomorrow you’ll get the 17 week update.  Keep me in your prayers, though.  I’m also getting the worries about things going wrong.  A girl I used to attend church with lost her baby at 20 weeks due to the lack of amniotic fluid.  So far, I’m looking great in that area, but it is still scary.  Another woman who was at RBC during my year there is having quite a lot of difficulties (including lack of amniotic fluid), but they seem to be handling her situation well and the baby should be viable even if it is early.  A friend from church had her baby this past weekend at 35 weeks due to toxemia.  Being surrounded by so many crazy pregnancies, I can’t help but to worry.

Grete – great call on the baby in my last post looking like it is praying.  So funny! 

So, here I am working crazily at work, but taking time to sit quietly when I can and try to feel the “butterflies” or “popcorn” sensations that describe the first movements the mom feels.  I think I’ll have less worries after I can feel the baby moving around in there.
Funny story from my mom:  Mom was teaching fourth graders one day while preggers with me.  Apparently as she is standing in front of the class, my foot stuck out enough to show through her clothes and I moved it across her belly.  The whole class saw it and reacted!  Talk about teaching a lesson to 10-year-olds that you aren’t planning on teaching!!

Hope you’re well!  I’ll post again tomorrow!!!

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