Correction…almost out of my first trimester

So, according to my books, the first trimester is 13 weeks long.  I knew there was something tricky about the trimesters!  So, I’ve got a few more days before I expect to receive my promised second wind.  This will be great because Jeff & I leave Saturday for St. John for a short (and much needed) vacation!!

I’ll update Friday before I go with a 13 week picture (if I have time to take it!) & my 14 week picture will not be against a white door in my house, but me on my balcony of the condo we’re staying in.  Yes, folks, you heard me right.  The Cronins will not be staying at their usualy spot, Maho Bay Camps, but will be staying at Estate Lindholm (where they spent the first two days of their honeymoon).  Jeff is splurging so that I can have a potty nearby without shoes and a flashlight required and air conditioning just in case it is hot, hot, hot!

We loved Estate Lindholm two years ago (go here) and I left this travel report.
I can’t wait to get back there and hang out with the owners and resident kitties!  Maybe I can sneak some Carib back for after I give birth!  It is the only beer I have ever actually liked.

All is well in baby land!  Talk to you soon!!

2 thoughts on “Correction…almost out of my first trimester

  1. Awww look at your cute little pregnant belly!”I made snow cones” doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as “snow cone engineer” now, does it? I’m glad you commented on it. I was proud of my creativity!

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