Finally an update…

Okay, so I suck at blogging…here is a MAJOR update…

My last blog was a bit of a rant about hating my life as a PK.  Shortly after posting said rant on Xanga and MySpace, Melissa Hess (having not read my blog) approached me to ask about my dad’s church anniversary – date, of years, etc.  Now, having said that Melissa (called Mo from here on out) had not read my blog, she is my best friend and a person who has heard my rants prior to me putting them in print.  Nonetheless, Mo & Jay had decided to host a gala event in honor of my dad’s 25th anniversary – a SURPRISE gala event.

If you know my dad, you know that surprising that man is darn near a miracle.  He is not easy to keep secrets from.  So, they filled the entire fellowship hall of our church with a lot of people (including people who traveled in for the occasion) and Jeff and I had to get him there without him figuring out what was going on.  OH – I forgot to mention that mom was kept in the dark also.  Yep – a huge surprise party where both mom and dad were going to be surprised.
It was a lot of fun and I have to say that I enjoyed making my parents wear blindfolds as Jeff drove straight down Parham Road for more than 6 miles.  Funny, daddy kept commenting on how smoothly Jeff was taking turns – as though there were no turns!  Funny daddy – he had NO CLUE!
We got to the church and you’d think that they might have reserved a spot for the family in honor, but not so.  We ended up having to walk them around the building blindfolded.  Mom went easy with Jeff guiding; I had dad who was not as trusting and shuffled his feet the whole way.
Funniest thing – right as we approached the double doors to the Fellowship Hall my dad says, “Hmm..sounds like the church air conditioners.”  Really, dad – right now, you’re going to figure out where you are based on industrial ACs?  We got them inside where the crowd was “talking amongst themselves” in a real good restaurant buzz.  Then, we took the blindfolds off as everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!  And they were very surprised.
Paul Tucker (the first youth minister to serve under dad) was present with his family and Scot Longyear (the second youth minister to serve under dad) sent a hysterical letter that Amanda Amos read.  It included references to sipping brandy & smoking cigars in dad’s office after the Sunday service while counting the offering and a make-believe congregational meeting that would win top prize on AFHV.
It was incredible fun.  Warren & Rachel sent a video of themselves wishing love (again, very funny) and there were cards a letters from some people who could not make it.  It was an excellent night & I really enjoyed the time we got to spend with our church family from over the years (as well as our real family who could be there).

Other things in life have been busy.  Jeff and I are nearly done painting the living room & hallway in preparation for Warren & Rachel’s visit in a couple weeks and hopefully we’ll get the tree up this weekend.
We’re taking Italian in preparation for our trip to Italy in March to visit our friends, Shannon & Andy and their new little one.  Our instructor is weird – really weird – but we’ve only got a couple of weeks left and then we’re on our own to really commit the stuff to memory.  There are little stickers in Italian in our house for things we may need to know how to say in Italian. (ex Lamp = la lampada)

No baby plans at this time.  We love when we can spend time with our friend’s babies, but haven’t decided to take the plunge for ourselves.  We’ll have to see what 2008 has in store.

This coming Saturday (Dec 8) marks 7 YEARS since our first date (a day walking in Carytown, lunch at Galaxy Diner, dinner at Jeff’s apartment – shake’n’bake chicken – and watching Shakespeare in Love rented from the Video Fan).  We’ve got the Vine, then dinner with friends.  I’m not sure we’ll really get to celebrate.  We used to always go to Galaxy Diner to eat as a nod to that first date, but last year we realized that we’re getting too old to seriously eat at Galaxy.  Of course, I still get the Chili-cheese burger – that probably didn’t help.

I’ll try to be better at blogging since I really want to keep everyone up to date.
May you enjoy the impending holiday season!  My car is on Lite 98 about 90% of the time – all Christmas music, all the time!

One thought on “Finally an update…

  1. Can you come help paint our house next week when you’re done with yours? I can’t pick out colors to save my life.When will Warren and Rachel be in town?

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