Summer is bliss…

Summer has been busy, but the beach rocks!

So, summer started with classes – I’m not even couting that month as “summer” since I was so busy I felt like I didn’t know my husband.  Then, classes ended and I was in charge of a week-long Urban Teachers Institute at JSRCC.  This was a huge project.

We brought in 19 teachers from Richmond Public Schools for an in-depth week of training and professional development specifically designed for teachers in Urban Education.  We even flew in an expert to facilitate the week.  I was so busy – it was hard to stay awake anytime I was at home. 

First, we had a big kick off event on Sunday, June 24.  This bad boy was bigger and more stressful than my own wedding & reception, but when all was said and done, everyone told my boss what a great job she’d done.  Oh well…  She told me what a great job I’d done, so that should be enough.

Then, it was five days of more catering (with changes made daily), workshops, and trying to keep about 30 people consistently happy – that alone is the toughest part.  Then, while Friday, June 29 was supposed to be totally at VCU (read: easy day for me), we received notification on Thursday that the governor’s wife, Anne Holton, would be available to bring greetings to our group on Friday morning so – can you guess? – the first hour of the day would need to be on the JSRCC campus – no way we were going to let that publicity go elsewhere!  So, it was frantic planning on Thursday to get everything straight for Friday morning.  There were protocols to follow and furniture to reset – and then the construction crew CUT THE LINE!  No computers, no power, no moving furniture, no way to plan!  That meant we couldn’t do anything to get ready until Friday morning – AHHH!!!!!

So, Friday was crazy.  I got my Starbucks and raced to work to prepare for the First Lady’s arrival.  We had to totally reset and redecorate the room we’d used for most of the week.  Banners had to be hung, flags needed to be placed, flowers set, and sound equipment had to be restructured.  I got it all done and then I did get to stand out front with the Vice Presidents of the college to greet her, not like I got introduced or anything.  It was nice to be included.  After that wrapped up, I started trying to get everything we’d relocated to the Parham Road campus back together so that I could take it all back down.  I still had to stop at VCU for the final lunch with the group.  Of course, the VCU catering company did not receive the message that we needed an additional tunafish sandwich for one of our participants (that is all he ate all week long).  So, instead of eating, I was trying to track down a number for VCU catering (one does not exist in information), but no one at VCU was helping me.  Eventually, the poor guy ate veggies and some mashed potatoes.  I felt bad, but I just couldn’t get in touch with anyone who could help fix the problem.  Why didn’t we just use the caterer I’d been working with all week?  Because our “partners” at VCU preferred to use their own people.  So why didn’t one of our partners solve the problems?  Because that is my job.  Lesson learned – get more than one number for the unknown catering company.

After a week of hell at work, Jeff and I left Sunday for the BEACH!  We stayed with Mom & Dad at The Sandy Spot – their “new” beach trailer.  It was a nice relaxing time and I got an odd sunburn on my shoulders that still hurts!  It was nice to lay on the beach, eat out with mom & dad, and we all went to the Wright Memorial, too.  It was so cool.

Jeff and I will be heading back down there on our own soon.  I’m so looking forward to more quiet & sunshine!!!

Hope your summer is going well!!

3 thoughts on “Summer is bliss…

  1. I got to hang out with your brother and sister-in-law last weekend. It was fabulous to see them. I am glad that your hellacious month is over!

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