I have signed up for the last two classes…


So, I talked to my advisor today to confirm that I was signed up for the correct final two classes of my bachelors degree.  He asked me if I was walking and I said “Nope, I’m having a Pampered Chef party that day.”

Why am I not walking?  Because I’m just not feeling it.  I walked for my Associate degree because the staff in the Math/Science Department at JSRCC really wanted me to.  I just don’t have the connection with the staff at VCU.  And, I don’t know anyone else walking who would be walking with me.  I just don’t want to.  If I change my mind I can walk in December.

I do plan to go back to school for my Masters Degree and will walk for my hood, that’s for darn sure.  I want that hood!!!

So, what is up with you?  I’ll have more to post next week – promise.

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