I Love Rachel & Warren (and Becca)

So, let’s see.  It was NOT a 7 – 8 hour drive to Chattanooga.  I’m not sure where I got those numbers from.

It was 10 hours NOT counting stops.

Rachel was NOT surprised.  Actually, she’d figured it out thanks to my dad (clue #1), my mom (not smooth enough to cover her near slip up of info), and her dad (who confirmed accidentally that we were coming).

The best part of our “surprise” on Saturday morning – Warren thought he was surprising Rachel & Rachel thought she was surprising Warren.  No one was surprised we were there.

Oh well, it was a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!

Rachel is beautiful as ever & we had a great time together.

Becca did an OUTSTANDING job on Rachel’s shower.  (Mom and I gave her a Victoria’s Secret nighty – anyone surprised there?  Didn’t think so.)

Rachel’s family is great & I really enjoyed getting to know them.

I get to spend more time with R&W in 32 days when they come to Richmond for Jeff & my wedding.


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  1. When I saw your original post about it being a 7 hour drive I was like “what?!?!” Did you go to 81 and come down? I guess that’s the quickest way.

  2. That means you drove past where I grew up. Next time you drive that route, and you get to Exit 50 on 81 in Tennessee, honk. My parents might hear it.

  3. #1)  We are excited as well
    #2) I can make it 7.5 to 8 hours driving 7 over the speed limit.  you just gotta be good.
    #3) I love my sissy.

  4. I enjoyed so much meeting you!  I’m so glad you and your mom could make it down for the shower.  You made it so much more special!  Happy wedding planning.

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