Okay, so apparently I just totally forgot I had a blog.  Well, not really.  Last semester was nuts and everytime I got ready to write – I didn’t feel like sharing what was in my head.

Hmm…update in short form:

  • House update – the master bedroom is a beautiful bright yellow with white trim & ceiling.  The guest room is now green and we’re getting ready to paint the trim.  The living room and hall are next on the agenda. 

  • Sept. 24 – Jerry (Jeff’s brother) & Kristin were married.  Jeff was best man – I was there.  The groomsmen were off the hook during the ceremony and actually chucked the ring pillow to me in the second row.  Jeff’s grandmother and I were trying not to die laughing.  It was a fun weekend & I loved my dress (purchased off ebay!).

  • Oct. 22 – Jeff moved into the house.  Everyone is doing fine.  The FIVE furry little ones have adjusted well and Monkey is often caught napping between Sam & Toby.  This is a good thing.  Hobbes hasn’t adjusted quite as well (won’t nap too close to Sam or Toby yet, though he almost did the other day).  Maggie is becoming a better behaved dog which is SO much fun!  Jeff bought her a neat dog bed at Christmas for the living room & she loves sleeping in it instead of sneaking onto the sofa when we’re not in the room.

  • I’m still trying to move out of my room, but since school started in August time has been precious.  I just can’t seem to do it.  I have moved my clothes upstairs which makes putting laundry away so much easier.

  • Amanda is due Sunday so we’re all sitting on pins and needles waiting for our call. 

  • School is school – stressful & crazy.  I like VCU as a student, but miss my time at JSRCC.  I’m only at JSR 15 – 20 hours a week compared with 30-40 over the last year.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pick up more hours at JSR so that I don’t have to work at VCU anymore.  My service learning class (mentioned in September’s post) has a professor that has a rep for not giving A’s.  I got one.  It was my best grade of the semester.  We won’t go into the others.  I have one more class to turn in work for – an independent study I picked up when I dropped out of Differential Equations.  No bachelors in math for me – I’m now going for the five-year Math Education Masters.  It requires less math and more education courses – cool for me.  I don’t want to teach the big stuff.  I actually want those kids from Dangerous Minds.  I’ve even looked into the Department of Correctional Education.

Hmmm…what else to share.  For those who read this who don’t know (very few), Warren proposed to Rachel on New Year’s Eve.  He was very nervous and actually made me pray out loud for him over the phone while I was shopping for chicken in Kroger.  I just don’t get why guys are so nervous to ask a girl to marry them when they know the girl will say yes!!!  What’s up with that?

Anything else worth sharing?  No wedding plans just yet.  Not sure I’ll post any either.  I may just pop on one day and post “I’m married!”  We haven’t set a date or made any definite plans.  Even if we decide to do something local – it will be SMALL!!!!!

OH!!!  We’re going to see INXS in February!  I love my fiance!  I’m so excited & LOVE the new c.d.  We got into Rock Star INXS as it progressed and predicted that J.D. would win – he sounded the most like Michael Hutchins.  Check out SWITCH if you haven’t – it’s great!

I think that’s it for now.  School starts back up for me on 01/17.  I’m still trying to get one class nailed down & haven’t bought my books.  Oh well…I’ll get there.


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  1. Ah, an update. How refreshing. Yes, I agree with Warren; thanks for coming back.
    If you can pull that dept. of corrections math position, more power to you. Unruly 8th graders are more than enough for me. I still love them more than my well-behaved seniors though. Some days I wonder if I’m really cut out for teaching. Perhaps it’s getting a little late to be deciding that?!?
    Miss you.

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